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Posted by giodude65 | Today @ 07:11 PM | 1 Views
Hi Everyone
I don't know if my last thread posted or not so this might be a repeat thread.
To anyone who's interested, I'm offering my services to assemble any RC kit for a negotiable fee. I have a moderate amount of experience in assembling kits and I enjoy building RC kits more than operating them. The way this would work is that you would send me your kit, I'd assemble it, after assembly we'd negotiate the fee and the fee would be paid at this point, then the kit would be shipped back to you. Any parts not included with the kit but need for operation of the model I will purchase, these purchase will be tacked on to the fee. Shipping can also be negotiated.
Any interested parties can contact me here: iinvent4u15@gmail.com
Posted by Sbuoch | Today @ 06:49 PM | 14 Views
Does anyone know how to properly install the Volatex X-pilot stabilizer in the ranger 757-4 without using sbus. I know there is a way to do it with or without using sbus just don't know. The couple videos they have on YouTube really don't show much as far as connecting what wires to where
Posted by UpNup | Today @ 05:08 PM | 110 Views
Enjoyed spending a couple of hours today at the AMAís National Model Aviation Museum in Muncie, Ind....Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 03:05 PM | 176 Views
In modern times, there's no need for bodging a webcam on an optical microscope. Documentation is better achieved with a DSLR macro lens. The next step up is a cheap USB microscope. The working distance is too short on the Amscope. The angled light is dim & creates too many shadows. The incandescent lightbulb gets flaming hot. It takes too much space. Its only redeeming factors are it's stereo, it has a higher framerate, & it was free. Soldering with the lag of a USB microscope & without depth perception might be challenging.

This microscope came in handy for soldering, but never for documenting. The webcam experiment was a rite of passage. You can get decent photos by holding a phone cam exactly the right distance from the eyepiece. It won't work with a DSLR.

Webcam on a 40x microscope (2 min 49 sec)

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Today @ 02:17 PM | 207 Views
Here is my Leader 120 reviews parts 1 and 2. The Leader has become my most used quad because it is so versatile. It has the benefits of a micro (crash resistant and easier to fly in smaller and busier spots) but has power that is getting close to a 5 inch. It is such a good mix of price and performance. Review is based on version 2 with the better black motors.

Part 1: Bench review

Part 2:First flights and no brownouts
Posted by Optimus125 | Today @ 12:34 PM | 245 Views
Hey guys,
I have purchased an RMRC Cricket 200mw VTX, Quanum DIY Goggles, Crazepony 2.8mm FPV Camera, and an Immersion RC UNO5800. I am certain I have wired them properly. The VTX, RX, and goggles are receiving power. The problem is that the VRX isn't picking up anything from the VTX. I am aware that the ImmersionRC UNO only picks up 7 channels on the F-Band. My VTX has the capabilities of transmitting up to 36 channels. I am certain I am on Band-F, and I have cycled through all the channels to no avail with the VTX and VRX. (The RF mode is turned on the Cricket).

The VTX supplies 5V of power to the camera and my camera accepts anywhere between 5-12V. Could it be that my camera isn't receiving enough power, but the VTX and RX are communicating?
Does anyone know anything that can help me?
Posted by DutchRC | Today @ 09:09 AM | 398 Views
Halloa people

soo a what?? Is this even an RC? Well yes it is, but it's more an action-sports thing this Skateboard However.. it sure is remote / radio controlled..

Link to this skateboard: Hiwheel ready to run electric skateboard

And in this topic I'll be posting several video's about this electric longboard If you have experience with this (or other) board, I offcourse welcome your input!

DutchRC - Hiwheel affordable Electric RR Skateboard! :) - Show & Tell (12 min 39 sec)

Length: 1 meter
Board: maple wood
Weight: 6.2 Kg
Battery: 4400mah 6S Li-ion
Max speed: 20 Km/h
Range: 12-20 Km
Max weight: 120 Kg
Posted by PeterVRC | Today @ 08:32 AM | 403 Views
I bought a new HSD Viperjet, but as a KIT. That ended up being quite a DUMB idea and way to do it! Buying the Kit was AUD$200 less, but when I found out what it DOES NOT come with it showed how that "$200" was actually worth AUD$400 in value! Plus it took 8 hrs or more to transfer over all the parts that it needed!! So it 'cost' money and TIME too! In the PNF I could have used the EDF, ESC and Retracts for another aircraft and those are most of that $400 value. And not have had to transfer anything!
Boo !!!

I set it up with the 8S Jetfan again, and did the all mods to fit that and its batteries. (extended battery tray etc).

I took it out today for its Maiden and flew just like the first one - of course.
One thing I did different was coat it in SATIN WBPU, instead of Matt. The Matt comes out a Semi-Gloss really.... and the Satin comes out a High Gloss! So shiny! It looks like it is a composite (fiberglass) aircraft!! And ready to RACE !!

On the maiden flight I flew it at a 'brisk cruise' Airspeed for the most, with a handful of WOT climbs, loops, 'race past' cases.
The Flight Time was 7 minutes and 30 Seconds!!!
That is pretty awesome for a 90mm EDF... and flying quite fast! Plus with that bunch of WOT sections in it.
The Turnigy graphenes came down ambient/cool... and 3.70v per cell. After pretty well dead on 4000mAH used.

The flight was mainly at 30Amps (900W) down to 20Amps (600W) for more of it. With the 2500W+ WOT runs here and there.

The next two...Continue Reading
Posted by OrtisFlow | Today @ 08:18 AM | 395 Views
Greetingz readers,

Yesterday went the backyard field to train myself a lil bit more with that new way to fly...

Flew 2 lipos... the second one was his last... A R2205 2500kv SunnySky motor fried while flying!!!

So crash and almost lost GoPro...

The motor has now a freaking bad smell... and it has builtin braking forever now .... ( copper wires wielded together... )

I question seriously the quality of these motors... It was my fourth flights with them and never crashed...

My First combo didn't last long too... was an R2205 2300kv... I crashed them in a grass field one times they were already unusable after this (one crash YEA Ball bearings from 3 motors were deads)...

In other side my PULSO COBRA CP GOLDEN LASTED WAY MORE THAN THAT.... I'm still flying with them they have crashed a lot!!! even on ASPHALT!!!

Just swapped ball bearings and they still flies smooth....

To me it's obvious... QUALITY of THESE SunnySky R2205 Is freaking questionable...

Top perfromance : 8/10
Quality: 5/10
Look: 7/10
Durability: 2/10

Having a bad time...
Posted by RCpilot XD | Today @ 06:58 AM | 499 Views
Just recently I moved to Bahrain. I need to know if flying here is prohibited or not. I heard that it is OK to fly small rc planes such as the Cessna 182. I just need approval. Can anyone approve please?
Posted by Jay 123 | Today @ 02:28 AM | 585 Views

Key features:
Support 0.01mW Parameter-adjusting Mode
25mW, 50mW, 100mW and 200mW power switchable
One button frequency and power setup
OSD configuration using FC Uart (F3/F4/F7 with OSD)
5V to camera @ under 300mA

Posted by Whiskers | Today @ 01:58 AM | 570 Views
My sports aerobatic plane, Wedgetail, suffered malicious damage as it hung on the wall minding its own business.
During the restoration I gave it a massive new motor and made provision for it to carry a 2200 LiPo. Although I shortened the nose I still had to add ballast to the tail.
I flew it this morning
The wind conditions were very light but with variable direction, and the sky was bright gray.
The new motor gives abundant power. In the hand-held vertical test it's pulling strongly at 1/2 throttle.
So it had no trouble leaping off the grass and into the sky.
Alas the thing proved to be loop-happy and I didn't have enough down trim on the radio to tame it.
It only requires 1/4 throttle to fly quite fast and it has a phenomenal rate if climb when the throttle stick is moved forward.
But it was not nice to fly in this badly trimmed state so I landed it.
I started to taxi back but was not delicate enough with the throttle and the thing leaped into the air again. It certainly has power to spare.
So, seeing that it was so eager to fly I poked it around and about in a rather inelegant manner for a while and then landed. But it was not a nice landing. The up-trim got me and I stalled about a foot high.
So I'll do the necessary things to it and I'll have another go. I'm interested to see what it does on WOT.
Posted by BrandonLee32 | Today @ 01:04 AM | 607 Views
Got my new mini switch, enjoyed so far! Looking to upgrade a few things and not easy to find a lot of reviews on any mods. But as previous post I had the landing gear problem that seems to be mandatory on purchase! Also took wheels pants off and moved tires to outside of landing gear support, Iím trying to make it track wider so it wonít dart on the ground as quick. A few total minutes of flight time and crashed into a field of brush, tweaked motor compartment a lil and bent landing gear, after repair which was slight bend in gear and checked for any motor vibration or distortion in foam, found slight distortion at the canopy slot in fuselage, not sure if will hurt flight due to being minor! Hope to fly more this weekend before turns cold! Anyone with any new mods please keep me posted
Posted by ErikW1969 | Yesterday @ 10:41 PM | 669 Views
I've only been using these fatshark goggles for a few months but from day one I hated having the battery hanging on my face. It's constantly popping out of the strap and the extra weight on my face is uncomfortable. I thought that finding an extension cable to get that thing off of my face and into my pocket would be easy. I was wrong. The only cables I could find were either too short to reach your pants pocket if you were fairly tall, or were garbage. The other thing I noticed is that most of them either didn't have a balance plug, or if they did it was run as a separate full-length wire from the balance plug on the battery to the goggle, which is unnecessary.

So I ended up making my own cable for about $5 in parts. The finished cable is about 38.5" from plug to plug. I am 6' 1" tall and that is long enough to put the battery in my pants pocket with a little slack remaining in the cord. The balance plug is just spliced into the power lead near the goggles so there's only one cable running to your battery that connects to the power plug, leaving the balance plug on the battery free. Since I only needed the outer two wires on the balance lead, I removed the center wire from the connector.

I plan to use the battery balance plug to power the eachine EV100 DVR that I ordered. This way I'm hoping to either keep the DVR in my pocket with the battery or attached to the power cable so it's easy to reach to turn on/off etc. instead of having to take off the goggles...Continue Reading
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Posted by craytech | Yesterday @ 09:50 PM | 668 Views
Big Screen Whooping (5 min 15 sec)

Your House Your Run (2 min 48 sec)
...Continue Reading
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hello , how are you ? my RC friend

Nice to meet you here!

I am lindy liang from china, nice to meet you here ! hope we can be friend here and can play the UAV together and discusse together

this is me as below pic!

hope we know each other here!

lindy liang
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Elevators coming along for my Ford Flivver build.

Had to run to Hobby Lobby for the 3/16” square sticks and 3/16” sheeting that the plans called for. The collection of balsa was there but it was an organizational mess.

The laminations on the curved parts went well, except the left elevator. It was warped about 1/8”. Even though the wood glue had set, I wetted it thoroughly with Windex and pinned it down.

The wings were built using CA, but I went with Gorilla Wood Glue (non-foaming) on all of the elevators.

I’ve got an internal control horn that is to be added later.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m building on the exercise matt my wife uses just siting on top of glass.
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 07:45 PM | 909 Views
Here's a picture of that buck
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Yesterday @ 07:12 PM | 836 Views
Did you know that Corsairs had six .50 machine guns or four 20mm guns? Want to sit back in your comfy bed, eat popcorn, and learn about the PBY Catalina? Do you like F4F Wildcats or giant flying boats? Jets? Have you heard about the NASA X-Planes?

You gotta check out this playlist on YouTube. It's great! A lot of the video is older... but you will learn about some crazy awesome stuff. Totally worth it

The playlist is a bit difficult to find, so remember what it's called if you decide to type it in the YouTube search bar. It is the playlist with 98 videos**

Remember, it is a playlist and these videos are actually from several YouTube channels all collected into one list. However, you may simply press play for hours of entertainment

**(It does look like some of the videos are being deleted, likely by YouTube copyright or Channel deletions... so watch them while you can)

Grab a drink & take a load off...