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Posted by osern | Jan 05, 2018 @ 12:07 AM | 4,946 Views
My building logs:https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...5mmEDF-F-A-18E

Hi,hobby pals
It's kid of hard to source new airframes for micro EDF recently,some guts from old models in hands,it worth to build a new airframe for them and for fun.
I had built a F/A-18C in Blueangel scheme,and now move on building next one for super hornet.

There is a simple and fast way to build with Depron foam board with manual bending and shaping,so I build them fast and keep on doing that.

I found that modern jets like F/A-18 can be built simple with 3-view profile cutout pieces and some edge bending to form up the shape very quickly.

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Posted by osern | Dec 17, 2017 @ 02:41 AM | 4,408 Views
See open discussion thread here.

For whom is interested in scale modeling tech,here is another viable choice than balsa building.
Balsa building is a conventional and respectable tech for majority of scale modelers,depron board building rather to be long thought of box like or in-durable building tech,it's time to open your mind for them.

Depron boards are plastically flexible in shaping for bending,stressed forming and sanding for finish on surface,with tapes or some covering they can be stiff and tension stress resisted in light weight,with scribe line or v-notches on the back side,they won't crack as crispy as you image.

Attachments below shows they can be bent almost like a clay into a mask sculpting,you can image how easy to build even easy compound surface of airplane models.

Cut out original Profiles from 3-view from some paper or depron board,they could assemble into a rough 3D box like model,if you furtherly bend those flat surface into slope round surface like the curve of smiling curve,things gonna be different,those board with curve edge seal and shrink into round shape unlike tricky paper models with countless cutout and section ring to forming compound curve,for depron boards has ability to shrink under stressed bending.

This tech is unimaginable for most of people,I'm telling you,it's easy and efficient to do modeling,they can use in park flyer or nano model for the light weight and reasonable strength of structure,just with different building blocks.
Posted by osern | Dec 02, 2017 @ 12:56 PM | 5,305 Views
See detail on my building logs:

To build this with available 30mm EDF in hands with lower thrust to weight ration,not to mention with swing wing mechanic would be definitely cause some extra weight,
this building gonna be a tough one.
Posted by osern | Jun 06, 2017 @ 09:43 PM | 6,314 Views
materal: 1.5mm depron foam,packing tape and juice bottle,nose cone made of 2 layers of EPP foam.
Wing Span: 400MM
AUW:126g with 2s 350 MAH Lipo
Motor: brushless RS1306 4000KV for mini quad drone
Propeller: 4" propeller for quad drone
Servo: 2.5g micro servo
Posted by osern | Jun 06, 2017 @ 09:37 PM | 6,482 Views
materal: 1.5mm depron foam,packing tape,juice bottle
Wing Span: 380MM
AUW:126g with 2s 350 MAH Lipo
Motor: brushless RS1306 4000KV for mini quad drone
Propeller: trimed 4" propeller for quad drone
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Posted by osern | Mar 15, 2017 @ 10:43 PM | 7,581 Views

This is the first time I post my work in English, apologize for poor English first.
F-15 is my favorite fighter jet with glamour of tank like air intake and solid box like fuselage, although this parts looks rigid and not steam line, but the outline of delta wing and long stretch triangle head parts make she looks beautiful, especially for the curve frome half moon like win extension to the engine bump in the tail, the s-curve shape looks similar to f-14 but present more aesthetic feeling, more importantly is that she is a great glider makes her a great flyer.

I built this with 1.5 MM EPS board mainly, 1.2 MM EPP for head section to make it much durable for crash impact instead of make it rigid and also it's handy to work with curve shape.
To improve the goosebumps of epp surface, I coat it with thin water proof flexible putty make it easy to do scheme paint with Acrylic without glow-less and color deteriorated defects.


Wing Span: 380MM
AUW:126g with 2s 350 MAH Lipo
Motor: brushless RS1306 4000KV for mini quad drone
ESC: 12A
Propeller: trimed 4" propeller for quad drone
Servo: 2.5g micro servo
push rods: craft art wire

She flies and reaches to 4 story high with half throttle, so steady to fly proves that F-15 is a great design!

The following is my tedious fly demo, it's too light to fight the wind and too light to be crashed.

Scratch Build NANOf15 park fly (5 min 10 sec)