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How to convert your Moblite in Angry moblite ???
Everything is in my lastest tutorial... 👊
(With english subtitles...)

Happymodel Moblite 6/7 Angry canopy mod moblite6 moblite7 Runcam nano 3 HQ 40mmx2 alienmodel auline (8 min 33 sec)

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I'll share some setup files for the Spektrum NX series transmitters in this page of my blog.

In posts below you'll find:
- Acro (airplane) model with three transmitter flight modes (to go with three receiver flight modes) plus a throttle cut mode

I usually post a PDF file with each model setup that has step-by-step instructions for creating the model yourself on your transmitter. I always encourage people to do that, as you'll probably learn a lot about your transmitter as you do it. The transmitter manuals cover all of the configuration screens, but they really don't tell you what to do with them. The flexibility of the transmitter is wonderful, but it can be daunting to learn how everything works without specific examples and applications. I think it's helpful to go through setting up a model with a specific goal in mind.

I've posted model info specific to using the NX series with RealFlight on my RealFlight 9.5 blog page.

I have a separate blog entry about the Basics of Dual Rate and Expo.

There are other model files in other pages in my blog that have model setups for the Gen2 DX series which can be imported on the NX series.
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A mini review and some small upgrades on the Volantex Phoenix V2 2000mm Wingspan EPO glider.

My Shopping experience:
Bought the first one on Banggood. It went missing somewhere in China 😊
Banggood sent me a second one. Arrived broken☹
The third one I have ordered from It’s under the name “MODSTER PHOENIX V2 2000MM” (same plane) and they had a big discount. This time, it has arrived in mint condition.

What I like:
Plug-in system for the wings on the fuselage using a snap lock (see pic.).
Flap servo is “inverted” (see pic.). You can use two standard servos for flaps with Y connection.
A lot of place in the front fuselage. Got an elevated “balcony” for the receiver (see pic.).
Plastic fuselage.

What I don’t like:
Very low-grade servos. 3 broke after few flights without any hard landings.
A bit heavy and needs about 15gr in the tail for a 3S 2200mah.
Spinner looks a bit flimsy.

Flight experience:
It flies a bit faster than Multiplex EasyGlider.
I do not think that it's very good with thermal soaring. Did not fly a lot so I am not sure about it. Please comment on this if you have other experience.

Some ideas:
Address the servos issue!
If you choose to stay with the original servos: Check servos carefully before each takeoff and
Install servo covers.
There is an opening in the rear end of the body that enables you to add a balancing weight inside the body.
I have added a tube inside the body where the wing rods are (see pic.). That prevents the rods from contacting the servo cables each time I insert them.
I have changed to Aero-naut propeller.

Bottom line, for the right price it is a very nice value for money PNP glider…
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I almost finished my Tamiya TT-02 Chassis to Monster Truck Conversion and its ready to run! So i took it outside for a quick test drive! I think it looks great and it run quite well so far. I first ran it on a 2S Lipo to see how it goes!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


Tamiya TT-02 Chassis to Monster Truck Conversion, First Run! (3 min 12 sec)

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Next off the printer will be this one:
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Its been a while {couple of weeks at least } since my last trip to the hill -
Fast forward most of the snow has melted,the temps are dropping back down below freezing and finally North West wind 17 mph predicted
I brought out my trusty Knife Edge , a Dan's Extreme Mini Machine and a 48" Bantam X-4 - a maiden

I launched the Bantam first ,with winds around 20 she flew out of my hand with no problem ,a click or 2 of trim and she was good to go .
At one point I got caught out in front of the hill in a lull/sink and was probably just 20' above the ground...I let her run making gentle turns into {I hoped } the vectoring gusts ..up she came
She does have more drag with the full fuse so you need to fly the energy.
At the end of the afternoon when squalls were starting to move in and the wind was ramping up above 30 i put her back up , she really came alive in the bigger air with big pumps and speed, a keeper for sure

The mini Machine continued to impress me , after its repairs it was as if I had never been dinged ,still a razor in the wind.

Lastly I put up my old trustie Knife Edge , I flew her for almost a hour in the changing conditions as the wind ramped up and vectored back and forth between NW and W .
It's amazing how the "sweet spot " on the hill moves with conditions ,my favorite is the "magic air " when the wind noise drops to almost nothing yet the plane is fly's like it is supercharged ...

Finally the snow was starting to come down as grovel,and I was getting cold so I packed up my planes and headed down the hill with 2 hours of stick time under my belt .

PS - I am sorry about the whiteness of the picture's ,not sure why
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Today I bought a new Bachmann Santa Fe Flyer Ho Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set! Total paid was...

$85.99 (Train Set)
$N/A (Free Shipping)
$6.86 (Tax)
$92.85 (Grand Total)

This set looks like the one I had when I was about 5 years old and I loved that set. My dad got it for me and set it up on our ping pong table down in our basement and I played with it all day and everyday! I know I had additional cars and other pieces that my dad got me to add to it so I'll start with this and then when I get time, I'll see if I can setup a nice railyard someday...

I ended up buying it from Amazon but I tried buying it from Macy's (both had the same price $85.99) but I guess they ran out b/c when I tried to click on the payment button, it showed they were out of stock. The regular price is over $100 and the cheapest I found them on eBay was $87.99. Amazon wins again! Bummer I couldn't get it from Macy's as they offer Rakuten cash back but it was still a nice deal as I've been looking at this as another starter set for about 2 months now so the sale made it easier to pull the trigger on it! Below are some pics of my model set and I'll update this once it's delivered...

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A Photo Album of

"Allen and Kim's Excellent Adventure"

The "Ice-o-Lated Control Line Contest" at Buder Park near St. Louis, Missouri

So, you're awakened by lightning and thunder on a day when your friend and fellow Circle Turner is gonna be twirling 60 foot lines around in the sky...what could go wrong with that?

Allen Bagg switched from steel to Spectra flying lines a long time ago, but if God can hurl a blinding stream of electrons with gaazzilions of volts and amps through miles of thin air, it's still something to consider.

We decided to roll the dice on this trip to Buder Park in St. Louis, even with the predicted storms and accompanying 26 mph winds, figuring that a washout could still be salvaged with a side-run to Schaefer's Hobbies just a mile off 270.

Cruising up I-55 through showers mixed with blue-sky-teasers, it was still a fun trip, talking model airplane nerd stuff, and whatever else came up.

We got to Buder Park in a light mist, with Dan out in the circle, putting in a practice flight. Also, the predicted winds, thankfully, never arrived. Allen got his gear down the line and I grabbed my cameras, just in case the weather would let the contestants get some flights in.

The weather, amazingly, held through the day with just a few moments of light drizzle, until the event was abruptly ended by a clap of thunder later in the afternoon.

Allen got his flights in, and won 1st place in Intermediate, with some good practice for the...Continue Reading
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Mark, Byron, Claudio and I did a quick slope tour .... this time to the East of Port Elizabeth ...... conditions turned out PERFECT! Thanx Carlos for the awesome video.

Morgan Bay Day 1 (4 min 32 sec)

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This is the video of the EDF jet and a club located in France.

Freewing F-16 Arctic Camo before take off in snow conditions (1 min 15 sec)

Thank you for watching !
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Finally warmed up enough to paint.
Sanded, vac'd, and tack cloth.
I got 2 coats of HiGloss White down.
Needs to cure for a few days then I'll flip her over and get the sides and top done.
Buff with 800 then clear top coat.

Feels like forever but almost done!

Lighting was poor but here are a few pics.
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Spitty Depron Dogfighter (2 min 2 sec)

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Starting on a new project and hope to create as much multimedia for this plane as I can, especially pictures/video of construction and many flying videos when it is completed. Not too many of these planes out flying. Can you guess what we are building? Will post what it is in a day or so.

Thanks for watching!

Matt Prachar

A new set of RC planes are beginning to be built soon.... can you guess which one? (1 min 18 sec)

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My Tamiya TT-02 on-road to Monster Truck Conversion is almost finished! Still have to buy and replace some parts but for now I think it looks very nice! Tomorrow there will be a video with the first test drive!

Please visit my website!

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Eachine Mini F16 Falcon 365mm Wingspan 6-Axis Jet Trainer RTF - MOD - Elevator Linkage Test Flights!

Get One Here: Eachine Mini F16 Falcon 365mm Wingspan Gyro RTF

RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Here is a link to the Video:

Here is the Playlist:

Banggood GCRC

Spare Props:

10PCS 2.5 Inch 2-Blade Propeller Spare Part For Eachine Mini F22 Raptor 260mm RC Airplane

Spare Batteries:

Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D/Mini F22/Mini F4U RC Airplane 3.7V 400mAh Lipo Battery Spare Part

Volantex 761-4 Sport Cub 500/Eachine Mini T-28 Trojan/Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D/Eachine Mini F4U RC Airplane Spare Part 3.7V 360mAh Lipo Battery

Spare Control Horns:

2PCS Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D/Mini F22 Raptor/Mini F4U/Mini T-28 RC Airplane Spare Part Rudder Angle

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Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

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FRSKY Archer SR8 PRO has an External Voltage measurement via AIN2. The manual describes this as:
Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-36V (Battery Voltage Division Ratio: 1:10).
No other explanations for this feature.
I’ll write down my experience with this option:

The AI2, green cable, will go to the external battery +
The -, black cable, will go to the external battery -

Be aware that this receiver accepts 0-36V. It has its own voltage divider inside. Other receivers might accept lower voltage!!!!
The other issue is the Voltage Division Ratio. The manual declares 1:10 ratio. Setting this sensor up with 1:10 ratio gave me unreasonable outcome.
I have used two batteries (3s and 4s) and a multimeter and started to “play” with the values. For this receiver, the best values were a Ratio of 35 and an offset of 0.57V. Got a good voltage reading for the two measurement points that I used.
My colleague, Lior Zahavi - i3dm, suggested that the difference (ratio) is because I’m using OpenTX.

Hope that this small “how to” helps.

Please feel free to add your division ratio values and/or comment on this issue.

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YANGDA Sky Whale Heavy Lift Electric VTOL Drone Endurance Test: 90 minutes with 10KG Payload (3 min 51 sec)

YANGDA Sky whale heavy-lift electric VTOL drone: specially developed for LiDAR mapping and long-range cargo delivery & transport. It provides stunning heavy-lift and long-endurance performance: 120 minutes with 6.5kg payload and 90 minutes with 10kg payload.
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TRUMP 2024!

Donald Trump makes speech at CPAC | ABC News (1 hr 33 min 26 sec)