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Posted by TurKFX | Jan 31, 2017 @ 08:00 PM | 10,755 Views
Hello all

I am new to the quadcopter world. I started with Syma X5SW and after 2 hours, I got addicted. I broke a motor and 2 propelers in first 15min of flying, luckily ordered extra parts with the drone itself. 3 days after, I ordered real quad Eachine Wizard after a lot of research, it is best bang for the money and for a starter. But I am a geek and studied engineering 2 years before switching to network security, so I am handy with solder. Also I work for a telecom company, so I understand some of the radio concept.

I already ordered a frame, FC, PDB, motors, ESC, cables, solder/heat gun and bunch of other stuff. So I will be ready to start on a DIY quad.

I already watched many videos from UAVfutures to Joshua Bardwell to many other good resources. But If anyone else has a tip for starter, just shout it. May be you save me trouble/money/time down the road.

My only question would be how many packs of battery is good for a starter? I will have about 12-13 packs of battery. I was thinking to get 6-10 more. But may be down the road.