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Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 23, 2012 @ 05:38 PM | 6,439 Views
What's pretty cool is that fact that I like to tinker with computers. Some stuff I do myself and other items, I gladly pay.

Back in December 2011, my cousin did not keep his anti-virus protection that I installed 10 months earlier during 2011 as his DELL computer just did not have enough memory so, he disabled the program (CA Suite available to Brighthouse Customers). Well, as a result, his DELL computer suffered a very ugly virus as the computer did not allow you to access the CD / DVD drives nor did it allow for you to adequately install another browser using the Jump Drive via USB. The Microsoft Internet Explorer was completely disabled and of course the virus did not allow for you to go anywhere.

I took two of his DELL computers and brought them home with me and then, I looked to see what I had on hand and got the best HP Pavilion Desktop with the fastest processor and checked it all out. I then, acquired as much good memory from the DELL and other computers I had with the correct form factor and packed over 1.5 Giga RAM on the mother board.

The Processor was a Intel Dual with 2.3Giga_Hertz speed and 400-Hz front side bus. Since his DVD burners were recent 2009 vintage, I took them off from the DELL and installed them on the HP Pavilion Desktop to assemble a very powerful and fast computer from older technology using Windows-XP 32-bit Home Premium.

His original Hard Drive from the DELL was so infected that I had to wipe Disk using a DOD program and reformat...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 16, 2012 @ 10:42 PM | 7,811 Views
Fortunately, someone at my RC Club recovered a nice almost new E-Flite Pulse XT 25e and and flew it perhaps 6 flights. He has since acquired just too many models and about three weeks ago, I bought it off from him on a cool deal of $80.00 cash.

The best is that he recovered it in Pearl White with some trim at the wing tips and Horizontal Stab tips with Red, White and Blue.

I have tried a number of motors, specifically the smaller E-Flite 480 (1020Kv) but, I will not be able to balance this model like I did with the E-Flite Advance 25e using this motor so, I had to remove it and look for other options. I found out that the battery compartment on the E-Flite Advance 25e is much larger than the Pulse XT 25e such that I could not use the same battery size on the Pulse as I used on the Advance thereby, would not be able to balance the Pulse.

Therefore, I have been struggling in seeking a suitable power system for the Pulse XT 25e and finally decided on the FMS G&C 3648-600Kv. This motor is found in the first couple of versions from the FMS Large EPO P-51D Mustang of 57 inch wing span and other similar warbirds from this manufacturer. I did so, primarily because I had the brand new motor in my motor storage box for another FMS Mustang that I have since sold away new in the box so, the motor was just sitting there.

I did install FMS (G&C Hobby 3648-600Kv), however, the motor can only be installed reversed using a custom like propeller adapter that gets...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 11, 2012 @ 04:47 AM | 7,268 Views
A Walk Between (Large) Buildings at the Space Center (Kennedy Space Center, Florida)

As I walked between buildings at work today that holds lots of history, I remember the faces of those hard working and dedicated Engineers walking with their respective Space Shuttle System Books, and others such as Technicians, Administrators, Cafeteria Cooks, Facility Maintenance and a whole lot of other workers that made up the Space family. It has been almost 4 long years and now I see nothing but, weeds growing between the cracks of decaying Asphalt as I walk alone in the vast emptiness of this super large parking lot.

My close friends no longer share my continued labor as some moved on to retirement and others will soon join them at the first week of February. Now I join the SILENCE of a great Space Center that was once filled with almost 9,000 people more than some small towns and I look up and the only thing I see are Buzzards in the air.....

Today, I turned in my Operational Digital Headset to the respective contractor that maintains this hardware as I no longer have any Rocket, or any International Space Station hardware to test. It was a very long walk from the Operations Support Building #2 (OSB-2) to the Launch Control Center (LCC) as I walked where many have once filled the parking lot with their cars and themselves.

All I can see is the large United States Flag on the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) and wonder what will we have in the future as a Nation. Will China win...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 04, 2012 @ 11:43 PM | 7,194 Views
Howdy Fellas!

Just got a new Slow Stick from someone that decided on not going into the RC Airplane hobby and instead decided to go with RC Electric Boats so, he gave me the Slow Stick and my old trusted JR Quattro 4-Channel 72-Mhz.

I had to make some repairs and changed out the Brushless motor and today I was able to maiden it and all systems worked flawlessly!

BP Hobbies A2217-9
Generic 20-AMP Brushless ESC
3-Cell, 1350mAH, 25C, Thunder Power Li-POLY
APC "Slow Flyer" 10 X 7 Propeller
Castle Creations BERG 4-Channel DSP 72-Mhz Receiver

If interested you can see what I did in my Blog:

Amazing is just not the word I have to use here with this power system I installed on my newest GWS Slow Stick!

It is awesome!!!

Just take a look!

Our Michael Wargo performed the Video capture who is an expert 3D flyer and he himself found my Slow Stick to shine in the many maneuvers I put it through in the short flight!

GWS Slow Stick 46 inch span with BP A2217-9 01-04-2012.wmv (1 min 12 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 02, 2012 @ 05:16 AM | 16,146 Views
Hi Guys,

No, this is not my first model or Slow Stick, however, it was supposed to be a Trainer that I gave away with Transmitter (JR Quattro) and it was returned to me due to the target person just decided RC Airplanes is not his cup of tea and instead went into Sail & Electric Power Boats.

First I had to change out the Brushless motor that I handed to the learning subject because the mount busted on impact and also the Brushless motor that came with this Slow Stick just had too high of Kv.

I selected the BP Hobbies A2217/9 (950Kv) Brushless out-runner motor and using the same generic 20-AMP Brushless ESC. Using the smaller 3-Cell, 1350mAH, 25C, Li-POLY by Thunder Power, I suspect that will provide good amount of power to swing the APC Slow Flyer 10 X 7 propeller.

There was really no easy manner to secure the motor with the Cross (X) motor mount to the Plastic GWS square molded stick mount so, I went ahead and used high quality small size Tie-Wraps.

The receiver is famous Castle Creations BERG 4-channel with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) super narrow band 72-Mhz.

The servos are Hitec HS-82MG so, these will last a long time.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot.....if you take a careful look at some of the pictures you will see that I used some short hollow aluminum standoffs for the rubber band wing attachment method.....an improvement so, I can use the larger rubber bands!

A few pictures....

...Continue Reading