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Posted by bexamous | Sep 20, 2015 @ 10:48 PM | 8,639 Views
Switched D4R, Pololu, and D4R to a Dodo and a X4R. put up for sale 500mah 4S and 555mah 4S liops, got two of both.

In the air they feel the same, awesome... but flying hard... under 4 minute flight times... packs get fairly warm, 120F. So between them I decided to buy more 555s. Went to order more and find out they're not offered anymore, heh. Oh well, more 500 it is.

Here is some flying:
MorphiteX/Dodo/X4R/SN20a/1306-3100kv/4S-500mah (2 min 58 sec)

Pretty crazy performance.

Next planned changes is switching DYS to RCX motors and switching SN20a to LittleBee ESCs...

Also need to get some some orange props to run different colors on front and back.
Posted by bexamous | May 22, 2015 @ 04:07 PM | 8,460 Views
The Armattan PDB ended up failing, a ground trace burned up. Checking specs again on site I see it [now] says 10A limit. Lame. It was fine with 2S, but soon as I ran a 3S lipo and got to 75% throttle or so it just feel out of sky and after investigating saw the burned trace on PDB. Armattan has a new PDB design that handles more current, and offered to send me one as a replacement. But I had already put in order for one off micromotorwarehouse. It claims it supports 80A continuous, which should be more than enough.

I removed spaces to PDB now lays flat against frame, there is a layer of heatshrink between the two.

I swapped out the stock cones with low-profile nylon lock nuts from getfpv, they're smaller/lighter/better looking/easier to put on/take off. Well worth $5 or whatever it was.

Need to do PID tuning on 3S now.