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Posted by trigeek | Jul 24, 2014 @ 11:46 AM | 9,852 Views
This will not be a blow by blow build log - merely a log of anomalies and important points about the plane and the build.

My skill level is not what I would call advanced, having built maybe 20 to 25 ARFs, almost all .46 size trainers and sport/aerobatic models. I built some free flight kits many years ago.

Picked up the ARF from my local hobby shop (LHS) on July 10.

My initial impression is that the model is well made, with a low parts count. The covering did not require any ironing to tighten up wrinkles.

This blog will not address electric power, although the ARF caters for that power source and a separate bag of parts for motor mount, etc. is provided.

The instruction manual is terse, to say the least, relying in many cases on just the diagrams without verbiage. In places the text is error-laced, obviously poorly translated into English. For example, this sentence from the instructions on putting together the main landing gear:
"You have to trim each axle using a tool
cutting and cut-off wheel."

Notwithstanding, most intermediate builders should get by.

Here are some deficiencies of the kit, as at time of writing:

1. The printed manual shipped with the kit is monochrome, but shows, without noting verbally, the installation of an Evolution 10cc gas engine. Nowhere on the box or elsewhere is that or any other specific engine mentioned. The online manual at shows what looks like a Saito 4 stroke being...Continue Reading