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Posted by molan | Sep 09, 2021 @ 10:21 PM | 10,961 Views
The newest member of the rc plane manufacturer FMS multi-purpose aircraft lineup, the 1220mm Ranger retains all the outstanding features that pilots expect from FMS-stable flight characteristics, easy-to-assemble fuselage and realistic, general aviation-inspired design.

Made of ultra-light EPO foam, the large high-wing fuselage configuration provides Ranger with low wing loads and extraordinary lift, even at low speeds. The sturdy plastic struts provide extra strength for the wings during aerobatics, and the patented high-strength tricycle landing gear makes ground handling a breeze.

An excellent wholesale model planes is inseparable from an excellent and reliable power system-FMS equipped the Ranger with a 3136/1200KV external rotor motor and a 20A Predator ESC, which allows the Ranger to climb vertically almost as needed!

In the box, the Ranger is equipped with two sets of landing gear-a high-strength metal landing gear for ground operations and a pair of floats with integrated rudders for water operations.

The ranger is designed with a high-visibility color scheme of yellow and white, which can always be easily positioned even in gloomy and cloudy weather.

Like Super-EZ and Kingfisher, Ranger is designed with ease of assembly in mind. Only 6 (wheeled landing gear) or 10 (floating) screws are required to fully assemble, and the longest waiting time is the time required to charge the battery!

Ranger is also the first FMS aircraft equipped with Reflex (Airborne Flight Stability System). After 2 years of production and hundreds of test flights under all conditions, the Reflex system has stable (accelerometer and gyroscope), optimized (gyro only) and manual (off) flight modes-a trusted co-pilot, very suitable Pilots of any skill level.

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