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Posted by 3 Green | Apr 29, 2020 @ 07:09 PM | 10,645 Views
Just retired from flying commercially for the past 42 years.
Commercially flown and typed in:
B-727, 737, 747, 757,767,777,787, DC-10, G1159, Lear Jet

Started flying airplanes in 1967, (SMO) soloed in 1969. Received private pilots license in 1970 (17 years old). Commercial at age 18, instrument rating age 19, instructor ratings; all;;; instrument, multi-engine. Put myself through college teaching flying (UCSB).

Flew for:
Golden West Airlines
Western Airlines
Jet Airways
Jet America
United Airlines (retired 2018)

Now I have discovered the enjoyment of flying RC.


2 Apprentice S 1 with flaps and 1 without

1 older Timber, crashed twice

HH Sport Cub S. Learned to fly on this little bird

Cirrus low wing plane, crashed but (fixable)

OlderParkZone 1.0 Gunfighter
Older 1.5 Gunfighter
Old Crow NIB
Blondie NIB
Blondie repainted to Shangrila
Dallas Doll
PZ Gunfighter NIB, 2 spare models
Ferocious Frankie (going to sell)
Eachine Mini P-51 (Micro)

PZ Spitfire
E-Flite 1.2 Spitfire
Fliteline 1600 Spitfire (2)

Flightline 1600 Tigercat
1.2 E-Flite T-6 (crashed)
PZ P-47 (crashed)
PZ F4U Corsair
1.2 F4U Corsair
1.7 F4U Corsair version 1.
1.2 E-Flite P-47

3 PZ T-28's one with retracts, one with flaps, one plain Jane
1 T-28 1.2
2 Carbon Z T-28's (one is a back-up)
1 1.5 T-28 "Huff 'n Puff"

PZ F4F Wildcat NIB
3 PZ F4F Wildcats, one with retracts,...Continue Reading