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Posted by birdofplay | Aug 28, 2016 @ 03:31 PM | 30,366 Views
I've had ocassion to do some interesting 3D Milling with my CNC machine lately.
Things that can't be Hot wired
Things like a B-70 Nose, Flying wing & Glider fuselage
Mostly it's been custom work from existing 3D Models

If you have a 3D project that you want 3D Milled from Foam
just drop me a line and we can discuss the project.

I'm only charging $25 / hr, cutting cost, plus material cost & shipping
That's if you have an existing 3D CAD model that I can easily develop a tool path from

I will entertain 3D CAD work as well for the same hourly rate

I use Rhino and can import many popular design file types

Just let me know how I can help with your project
PM me for more discussion of your project.
Posted by birdofplay | Aug 19, 2015 @ 02:45 PM | 33,056 Views
OK I think I have a handle on this job.

I've spent a couple of hrs fooling around with CAD and Tracing the formers.
I had to convert the PDF to a Bitmap to place in the background of CAd to do the tracing.

Then I NESTED or arranged the parts on a standard sized piece of Ply.
Next I offset all the lines by 1/2 the bit width ( I used a 1/16" bit so .03125" )

To keep from breaking those small 1/16 dia bits I set my machine speed down to .5" IPS
and it took ~ 30 Mins to cut what you see on the pic below.
Two set per sheet.
Plus I did a little orbital sanding on the top size to remove most of the fuzz.
I'll also try to cut down the sheeting to fit in a smaller box

So IF I got $25 / hr that'd be $50 for the CAD drawing and Set up time.
The cutting would be $12 and the ply ~$10

$72 for the 1st set. + shipping
but only
$22 for the next set. + shipping. ( no set up charge )

I have 8 sheets of 3 ply birch ply wood coming from my supplier. @ $10 per sheet.

On looking at the real parts I question my SCALE of the "K" part !
How long is that part on your Paper Drawing?

cell 317-650-3202
Posted by birdofplay | Feb 04, 2011 @ 07:16 PM | 42,916 Views
March 3, 2015:

Sorry guys but my Secondary Domain name was Deconfigured.
I have my ISP working on it. should be back soon.

Please use until things settle down.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hoosier Cutout Service


When I moved from Washington State to Indianapolis, in 2012, I had to change the
Service name. Northwest Cutout Service was changed to Hoosier Cutout Service.

That Domain name was a bit long but it worked for two years side by side with my
old original domain name of
That one originated when my wife had a manufacturing business.

Regardless, my ISP never charged for it until NOW !
Surprising but not complaining I just let it go.
Now when my ISP tried to invoice me for the domain name it must have gone to junk or spam so it never got paid.
So I got another exasperating service interruption. arrgh !

Things should be back to normal and stable soon.

If you have questions just e-mail me [email protected]

Dec 2013:

My club president talked me into an interview and this is the result ...

I'm a retired CAD manager with a CNC machine.

I do cutting for fun and to support my hobby purchases.

I don't cut for general income.

I'm always on the look out for an interesting new FOAMY plane to offer as a set of cut parts.

JUST added are the 100% and 75% "The Twins...Continue Reading