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Posted by Bazzboe | Feb 08, 2021 @ 06:21 PM | 10,546 Views
Benchmark R/C is now Wild Blue R/C. We are growing and changing in a big way. I have final started putting together an easy access web site and will be We are now carrying aircraft kits , engines and supplies along with our pilots and cockpits and a host of new and exciting info about where we are going as a company. All though our economy has taken a hit we all love our hobby and I hope in some small way we can contribute to it with our products to keep you entertained and as excited as we are.
Posted by Bazzboe | May 14, 2018 @ 11:32 AM | 11,421 Views
Just wanted to give a heads up on new pilot creations completed & whats coming available within the next month.
Foamie scale.... WW 1 & WWII German, American, British busts (completed)
1/12 scale Jet pilot (completed)
1/9th scale Jet pilot (completed)
1/5th scale WWII American - Navy & Marine ( bust and full body- completed)
1/4th scale WWI Bust ( completed)

WWII 1/6th scale American, Japanese , German- bust and full body
1/5th scale "new look" American , Japanese, British, & German-bust and full body
1/5th scale Civilian Male & Female -bust & full body
40% aerobatic pilot- Male bust
Posted by Bazzboe | Mar 31, 2018 @ 10:56 PM | 11,217 Views
I am putting together a catalog of all our pilots and stuff we are selling . I will make it available real soon so that you have it at your finger tips and don't have to go search all over the internet to find it. If you want one please send me an email request straight to [email protected]
Thanks, Mike
Benchmark R/C sales.
Posted by Bazzboe | Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:41 AM | 11,442 Views
Our pilot figures are hand-sculpted and designed to be works of art. Even though 3-D printing is amazing technology, it has diminished true artistry and has and will put many talented artisans out of business. I agree 3-D printing works wonders with industrial and mechanical engineering applications... and more power to it for that. But as for me and my colleagues, there is nothing more satisfying or gratifying than to scan an image with our brains and transfer it to our hands and create our art. When we create a piece of art ,the artist leaves a part of their soul in its creation...There is a life in it. Digital rendering and printing in art try to be too perfect and actually create sterility. Help us to keep promoting true hands-on artistry...and the teaching and exploring of art to all who wish to try.
Posted by Bazzboe | Feb 21, 2018 @ 11:39 PM | 11,346 Views
Welcome to my Blog,
I wanted to let everyone know (and especially those with current orders pending ). I have finally joined forces with several local organizations in the Evansville Indiana area to offer job assistance and employment to disabled Veterans, and special needs people.....and soon an ex-offender program to give them a restart into society. I will oversee the quality control of all our products , and with my management staff will continue to grow and offer you new and exciting thing in the future. I am adamantly opposed to the way America has chose to give China 90% of our production rights . This industry is no exception and a major contributor to that.I have nothing against China ...but more the American way of farming out everything for the cheap buck.
There are those (mostly disabled Veterans) , who would love to have opportunities to work and have purpose again ...and have a place available to accommodate them when they have special needs and requirements. They gave their lives for us in service for our country... why not give them ours back.
We are just starting to roll...FINALLY! So we ask for patience as we develop the "how to's and the where for's"...and grow this ministry into an amazing adventure.
If you would like toknow more about us please, drop us a note and we will send information.