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Posted by demetrius | Aug 29, 2006 @ 01:38 AM | 14,377 Views
This is the most common question that i get when ever i fly this plane! "Is that a Turbine?" It has a very interesting sound like no other. There's aparently no hi pitch motor sound! Just the thrust of about 1100 watts of air blowing thru the ducting! It's so loud that it's really confusing to even seasoned pilots whose flown ducted fans for more than 20yrs. Last week while flying at my field someone came up to me and asked me if i had a very small turbine in there. I said no it was electric and he said man i honestly couldn't tell the difference! And btw this was the same guy that i did a video with over 20 years ago while he was flying his Byrons F-16!
This model is K&As L-39 designed around the 480-609 wemotec fan. She is truely my most favorate aircraft to fly! She handles like she's on rails and is the best small aircraft that i have ever owned! Difinitely a crowd pleaser! No unexpected tendencies! As a matter of fact my first flight i forgot my ramp and maiden her on a bungie cord in grass lying on the ground! She took an immediate flight with no adjustments!
Posted by demetrius | Aug 29, 2006 @ 01:06 AM | 13,341 Views
I can't say enough about the jepe models especially my A-4! Right off the bungie she flew magnificent! Well maybe not the first flight but how about the second flight! The first flight she crashed due to reciever failure! Later she was restored back to the outdoor shots!!! Man all i have to say is that if you are starting to move up to a begger jet this is definitely the one to move up too! Jepe has mastered this aircraft to perfection! It took me seconds to get adjusted to her as opposed to the panther or my other models with the exception of K&As L-39! She's a true stable flyer with no abnormalities to get adjusted to! She's definitely one to purchase!
Posted by demetrius | Aug 29, 2006 @ 12:40 AM | 13,870 Views
she winds like a wemocat!!! amps are 51 on a 5s pack! she's flown once due to waiting on 20c cells which i left her hangin on my wall. There she sits will time passes her by! Setup aveox 27/39/1 with 70jeti opto and 35v ult.bec, wemotec 480 well ballanced fan (no spinner due to the modification of ducting with dowel extended to motor so no drag and no need for spinner!) 81mg servos, electron six rec.with deans ant, and tamiya painted!
she flew on a 5s tp4200 yellow strip and pulled off that kind of power! I'ld hate to see what she will do with 20-30c cells!