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Posted by powercroco | Nov 08, 2013 @ 05:13 AM | 119,687 Views
After more than 10 years of speed flying I believe, that with the 2019 result the right time has come for me to stop competition flying.

2019 was a particularly successful year:
Max von Prondzinski was able to reach 494.1km/h with the Hypercrocoblade I and thus further improved his 2018 world record in the FAI class F196 (481km/h).

At the PCSC 2019 the team pilots Stanley Spichtinger with his "Hellraiser" with "Powercroco"-motor and prop reached 640km/h in one direction and Tim Moldtmann with his "Typhoon-xl-ultra" with "Powercroco"-motor and prop 623km/h in the "open" class.

And at the German Championship in speed flying in September 2019 in Ballenstedt, pilots with "Powercroco"-motors won in all 4 electrically driven classes (2x heli and 2x wing).
In the wing models Tim Moldtmann won both titles with models that he took over from me. ("Crocoblade" and "HCB I")

For 2020, I had planned a last attack on the existing FAI speed world record F196 at the PCSC with 2 top pilots and the "Hypercrocoblade".
Now it turned out completely different than I had thought. "Corona" has more or less cancelled the whole speed season 2020 and therefore this last project.

For myself I have decided to fly from now on just for fun. So no more speed flying but gliding again.
But for "my" pilots I will continue to build engines and propellers as long as they need them.

Looking back on the past years, I can say that it was very interesting to help shape the further development for some time and to be there when the limits of what is possible were pushed further and further.
It was especially fun to prove that many things which, according to "experts", cannot work in speed flying or are bad or nonsensical, actually work perfectly.
This applies especially to the use of outrunner motors with high torque and low rpm with particularly quiet and extremely high pitched multi-blade propeller systems in speed flying.

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