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Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 18, 2018 @ 12:51 AM | 8,703 Views
i have flown at thermals that start from the ground, and others at the base of a cloud.
from the ground, i have flown hand launched gliders (free flight) and watching for the breeze to flow and stop have been able to detect the cycle and launch at the right time.
from the base of the cloud, with r/c electric gliders.
from the ground, there is no doubt that they start at ground level and keep raising. some say as bubbles, others as cones.
and seem to increase in diameter and strength as they raise.
but those that are found at the base of a cloud seem to behave different.
sometimes the plane stays under the cloud. others, they get into-and disappear. that means they keep climbing.
and in the case of those that remain at the base of the cloud, sometimes getting a little bit lower there are no thermals. they sink.
so seems that they are created by the cloud itself and only at that level.
am posting it with the intention to hear from those with some experience on the subject.
please only comments polite, positive and to the point.
i started a thread here-lets see if some1 brings positive comments:
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 16, 2018 @ 12:54 AM | 7,848 Views
i would like to buy a battery from hobby king.
besides being out of stock, they dont offer an option about shipping. there is only 1 way (ups) and is more expensive than the battery itself.
i tried to persuade them to offer the option of surface shipping and their answer was that they dont do it because everybody wants it now.
then i said this:
" shipping lipos surface also-why not?
i wonder if reaching you this way you will answer:
tried to order this:
but ships only ups so is way more expensive.
to drop the cost, isnt there a way to ship surface even if takes forever?
other suppliers do it, so why not you?
cost is $19 and shipping (the only way:ups) is $22-plus ups charges something extra for delivery. see:" posts 2596 and 2600

and then they deleted my post!
no answer, no reason why they didnt answer.
so in fact, you dont have the chance to discuss anything that they dont want to.
isnt this great?
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 07, 2018 @ 12:13 PM | 7,900 Views
i fly 2 meters gliders. with electric motor for climbing. after that, stop the motor, prop folds, and hunt for thermals. thats all. is a way to enjoy flying models, and is all that i want. usually i have to search for thermals, and sometimes i find some moderate that i have to work out for staying up, and that is the fun of it. some days there are no thermals at all. and other days i find some that i have to fight to bring my plane back. even in cold weather. recently found myself again into this situation. cloudy, not much wind, near freezing, there was a large thin white cloud above, not thick enough to have grey under. launched to 200 meters (640 ft), stopped the motor, prop folded, and the plane began to climb. i have a vario with voice that tells me the height every 20 ft, and noticed that the plane was climbing fast. in no time it was at 300 mt, so i began to give it some 'down' elevator, but still was going up very fast, so decided to move around to find a spot where there was no lift. still reached 400 mt, 450, 500... (never been so high .). the plane was visible because it is covered in black and was on a white background, but it was that strange feeling that the sky was trying to claim my plane (it is not the 1st time . )
dont know how long it was up there. time ceases to exist in these dont even know whats your name...
i decided to move it away from the cloud, but when drifted away from it, the blue sky was not so much contrast, and was...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 07, 2018 @ 08:07 AM | 6,837 Views
thinking of new technology that could be used for our models, just got a link to this:
of course, has to be lots of experimenting.
but remember what happened to leds, that were so far from what we have now.
and transistors, that replaced vacuum tubes...and were way larger and costly.
and what we are enjoying like cellulars, gps,
even personal computers, and the internet!
things that seemed so far fetched a few years ago...

so, lets see how this evolves