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Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 07, 2012 @ 10:56 PM | 8,331 Views
animals never cease to amaze me. i have mentioned before that i have noticed how much birds enjoy flying, and gulls coming close to my planes to see what's going on. but what about flies? am i kidding? well, let me tell you that when i used to fly indoor rubber powered free flight planes at a gym with other fellows, most of the planes were stick and tissue that flew relatively fast, and some lighter, like my mini-sticks (somewhere in here there is a post with pics), but then 1 of the fellows brought 1 of the so-called 'intermediate stick', that are unbelievably light. they are about 2 feet wingspan and under a gram; the wing and tail structure is a frame of 1/32" sq balsa, the fuselage a thin hollow straw-like tubing, and are covered with transparent mylar; even the prop is built-in, with ribs, and covered with mylar, and fly very slow. after he launched it, a fly, that somehow managed to sneak in, decided to take a free ride and landed on the wing. we noticed that, and were amazed to see that she was walking around, and seemingly having a good time. then flew to the stabilizer and the same; back to the wing. it was very obvious that was enjoying the walk. she was not flying, just walking around on that transparent thing moving slowly in the air. we all were laughing and making comments. how could a fly have fun doing that? but it looked like that. i wish we had a camera to film it so you could see it.