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Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 11, 2010 @ 04:34 PM | 13,444 Views
this version still handles same motor/6400 brick and cells as the original 18" and the 20" winspan versions. even slower and easier to catch. indoor and no-wind backyard trainer or sport flyer. 48 grams auw. 110 to 160mah cells give me from 5 to 7 minutes flights, even in this cold weather.
with this model and the 20" i mounted the motors with screws for easy exchange, be for testing the other motors, or in case 1 has to be replaced (none so far). i started a thread with details in it, and on the 20" version there are some photos.
as the Elf 20" is painted same way, i added a blue strip to this 1, so i don't get mixed-up.
so far, i can not tell you that 1 version is better than the others. it depends of where and when you fly. for indoor, the '22' is slower, and still with plenty of umph, and does great out there with no wind. the '20' handles a little bit of wind-a breeze, you must say-and does fine indoors, too. the '18' takes some wind, but still does well indoor, although faster.
now, thanks to the help of a friend, we may be able to have CAD drawings and full scale and letter tiled PDF of all these 18/20/22 elves. stay tuned.
the link for more details is here:
Posted by phil alvirez | Nov 11, 2010 @ 04:22 PM | 13,057 Views
This is an enlarged version of the standard 18", with 25% more area and about 5% more weight. it flies a little bit slower. uses same 8.5 motors, 6400 brick, and cells. more details on its thread.
the shots are at the local gym. take-off, catching, touch-n-go's, fun! i hope i'll bring some videos soon.
the 1 with red/orange strips has the same motor and prop used on the original sukhoi (clear end bell motor) and 160/70 prop, and the 1 with yellow/orange strips has solo pro motor (gray end bell), and 130/70 prop. this is supposed to last longer. both have motors mounted with screws to make them easy to exchange. i will add comments here: