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Posted by docinfrance | Sep 24, 2011 @ 06:50 PM | 5,093 Views
Been doing a lot of mods on tails the last couple of weeks, and now it looks like this:

The Twin tail is a CF knighthead tail cut down a third in to leave two 15mm(ish) long stubs, then I used a 1mm dremel engraving tip to grind out reciprocating slots into the two tails. Two part CF glue holds it together.
The whole is mounted with a spare knighthead mount

This is fitted on to a CF Trex450 tail. This has a drill hole one end perfect for the LM and is slotted at the other which was ideal for slipping in a tail weight and pinching down on it with the knighthead mount to hold it tightly in place.

I've fitted Guia 250 skids. These don't just bolt up, and require some careful measurements, but they look good and give a wider stance.
She also has slightly heavier CF paddles from the Trex 450, and need drilling out, but give greater stability.

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