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This is the link to my video of the flight of this fantastic warbirds.

P51 D Gunfighter Parkzone (3 min 59 sec)

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I’m starting this blog for fans of these Ohlsson & Rice Tether Cars
Please post any information, photos, stories about them
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The Mavic Air Waterproof Carry Case From Freewell Gear.

A few weeks ago Freewell sent me some accessories to take a look at and one of them was the Freewell Rugged Carry Case for the Mavic Air. Along side this Freewell have also released a much more substantial case costing $99 for those looking for the ultimate protection for their DJI Mavic Aircraft.

This new case from Freewell is extremely robust and is designed for those looking for total protection.
Made from XEP material its a far more substantial case than the other rugged model and it offers a massive amount of protection for your Mavic Air. It is crush proof and high temperature resistant, protecting the craft from -40˚ C to 98˚ C.
One major selling point is this case is waterproof and being IP67 rated this also effectively means it's dust-proof too protecting your Mavic and accessories from damage from all angles.


While offering tons of protection this case has been designed to be compact in size and shape. It measures only 330 mm x 285 mm x 145 mm and weights just shy of 2kg.

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Roll holder is on the left side of the unit.
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Video of the Flite Streak......a bit of Dutch Roll and porpoising....... need to make the couple longer, and probably add an inch or so to the nose as well....she's touchy.......this flight was all on low rates (< 50% throws and > 50% Expo)...but she's fun to fly

Flite Streak (2 min 15 sec)

Posted by Doug Simmons | Today @ 01:31 PM | 256 Views
Hey, so last night I was testing a string of LED bulbs, nothing too crazy, forty watts' worth, to see about how long two 1600mAh packs in parallel would keep them lit burning 40W. My nicest 1600s. Why? Never mind why. Then I'm screwing around on the laptop, up to no good, time passes, and it hits me, the LEDS are dim, oh no!, I let it run too long, packs' are probably dead! Should have used the damn power supply and a wattmeter...

Maybe you've figured out what makes you happy and are already equipped for it, but in my case, the amps and watts I need in DC from an AC source is a function of time, and for others like me, I'd say it's handy to have at least one high current AC/DC power supply. And not just for powering your chargers: If you experiment in your hangar "on the bench" with a wattmeter/thrust stand/RPM/temperature sensors etc also with, say, different ESCs, different motors and different props, or maybe you just like to lick the electricity and chart down how delightful it felt: You want a source of power that is consistent as a battery pack's voltage, and voltage sag, weakens from one ten second run to the next. Powering your plane with your power supply instead of a pack will yield better testing results. Provided, of course, the PSU can put out enough amps without dying, and without excessive voltage sag. And provided, of course, that the PSU in question won't break the bank, and the guy who sells it to you is trustworthy, based on my having bought...Continue Reading
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May has been exceptionally warm here in Finland and that has meant good flying opportunities for hobbyist. During weekend I visited Piikajärvi airfield where local flying club was spending their bootcamp. The location turned out to be great, there was plenty of space for both full size airplane / sailplane activity and RC flying. They also had nice club house etc. The place is certainly worth visiting again!

I flew my new Extreme Flight / 3DHS 95" Extra 330SC and old 70" Extra EXP there. Weather was somewhat gusty, but bigger planes didn't seem to be too much affected by it.

Took plenty of pics. View full gallery here.
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It is that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer and more inviting.

I have not been spending as much time in the shop lately. It is hard to stay in the shop when it is a perfect day for flying or running on the pond. My current project is a 53" Cat hull. I'm hoping to have it ready for our summer vacation in 2 months. Time will tell.

I am still working on the plexi glass sign. It is harder to draw in Sketchup than I thought.

That's all for now. Have a great summer.

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Just a quick rip with a GoPro attached. I have the mount from taco rc on its way now.

Emax Hawk 5
Emax Avan Flow props
GoPro Hero5 Session with 30 deg mount
Infinity Force 1300 80c 4s Lipo (great lipo imo, hit a max amp of 135 on this flight and came down cool)

Emax Hawk 5 GoPro Edit (3 min 11 sec)

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Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: Lizard 105S Micro FPV RACING DRONES BNF
Weight: 80g( battery not include)
Flight controller: F4 Flight controller built-in OSD with Damping box IMU
Motor: Eachine 1104 KV6000 brushless motor
ESC:BS-28A 4IN1 ESC DSHOT600 Ready
Propeller: 60mm 4-blades propeller
Camera: 130Degree 720P Camera
DVR: 1280*720 Real HD Video recorder
VTX: 5.8g 25MW/200MW Switchable 48CH Video transmitter
Battery: 14.8V 550mah 60C lipo battery
OSD: Betaflight OSD
Firmware of Flight controller :Betaflight 3.2
Rear LED Ready( LED_Strip function)
Buzzer Ready
Weight: 85g (without battery) 146g (with battery)

Receiver Option:
-Compatible Frsky XM+ Receiver with Telemetry
-Compatible Flysky 10ch AFHDS2A receiver Ibus output with Telemetry
-Compatible Specktrum DSM2/DSMX Compatible receiver

Flight controller Specification:
-Mount hole: 20mm*20mm
-Processor: STM32F405RGT6
-Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU6000 with Damping box mounted
-Built-in Betaflight OSD ( Batt voltage, RSSI , Artificial HZ , Fly mode , -Flytime, Craft name etz.)
-Firmware version: Betaflight 3.2
-Target: Omnibus F4SD
-Work voltage: 2S-4S lipo battery

ESC specification:
-Mount hole: 20mm*20mm
-Firmware version: BLHELI_S 16.5
- BB2, 48MHZ Chip
-Lipo...Continue Reading
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Being obsessed with brushless whoop I just had to gomahead and order one of these.

It's an absolute bargain at just over £70 if you get the standard version with 3 batteries AND a 6 port charger.
Receiver is built in too so very small and light.
Brushless whoop is the future in my opinion.

If anyone is thinking about a whoop then THIS is the one to get I think, especially for indoors with it being same size as a normal whoop and no brushed motors to wear out.

The slightly bigger one was tempting too but I already have 3 75mm brushless whoops lol
Same price though and probably a little better outside ..

I also have another brushless whoop in the 65mm size on the way from hobbycool http://hobbycool.com?afmc=2j and will be putting a xm+ on it so full range brushless whooping in tiny format!
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This video is the Outdoor Maiden Flight with the AOSENMA CG035 GPS WIFI FPV RC Drone Quadcopter With 1080P HD Camera. It shows an Outdoor Maiden Flight and some basic functions, such as the GPS Mode and Altitude Hold.

Outdoor Maiden Flight - AOSENMA CG035 Double GPS Optical Positioning WIFI FPV With 1080P HD Camera (4 min 8 sec)

Review Notes:

- Long flight times
- Handles wind well
- The GPS is locked in along with the altitude hold while in GPS Mode
- Props are crash resistant, even without prop guards
- The looks very cool
- It comes with a 1080p HD Camera
- The app has many functions, but I did not try them out on this flight due to time constraints. It was good to just get it up in the air and fly it though.

- It had some shakes in the air, but was most likely due to loose prop nut.
- I lost a prop nut after a hard landing off-camera, so make sure yours are very well secured. I thought mine were on tight, but they weren't.

You can get one yourself by clicking here: https://goo.gl/a2vzwF
Posted by Matt Jeff FPV | Yesterday @ 10:14 PM | 771 Views
Check out my youtube channel! If you like my edits feel free to give me a sub I do a mix of FPV freestyle choreographed to music with a hint of after effects.

Here is a video from some flights today with the rooster
When ground is lava | Moist FPV Freestyle (4 min 11 sec)

Posted by craytech | Yesterday @ 07:47 PM | 841 Views
Hawkeye Firefly HD 1080P FPV Micro Action Camera (1 min 53 sec)

Here is a quick peak at the Hawkeye FireFly HD 1080p Micro Action Camera. For the price, weight and form factor I'm impressed. Let me know what you think?

Image Sensor: 2MP
Color: Black
Video Resolution: 1080P 30fps / 720p 30fps
Video Record Format; MJPG
Lens: 160 Degree
AV out: YES
Storage Card: 8G--32G
Battery Capacity: 200MAH
Battery life: 1 Hour
Charge Port: 230mAh
Size: 24*24*32mm
Weight: 14g

Package Including
1 * USB/AV cable
1 * FPV bracket
1 * Sports bracket

I have a feeling this is going to be a great solution for HD on my micro quads.

Pick one up today.

Quad used to carry this camera.

What I fly and what I use

BNF Beta85

BNF Beta75s

BNF BetaFPV Beta 65
BetaFPV Beta 65 Frame Kit

BetaFPV Flight Controller with Frsky Receiver & BetaFlight OSD

BetaFPV Flight Controller with DSMX Receiver & BetaFlight OSD

BetaFPV Z01 Camera

BetaFPV 230mah LiHV Batteries

BetaFPV Replacement Canopies

BNF Beta 75s

BNF Beta 75

Beta 65s

FPV Goggles I use

Soldering Iron I use

I film all my videos with the Samsung Note 5

Thank you for watching!

Fly Safe & Fly Often
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A Cuban-operated airliner with at least 110 people on board crashed into a cassava field just after takeoff from Havana's international airport on Friday. There appeared to be mass casualties as Cuban officials said three people had survived, but had yet to give an official toll. Authorities said there were 104 passengers and nine foreign crew members on the flight that was headed to the eastern city of Holguin. Witnesses said they saw a thick column of smoke near the airport. Authorities are still gathering information about the crash and cannot confirm if Americans were on the flight or not, a U.S. State Department official said Friday.
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About a month ago I wrote about a micro size drone kit. The drone's frame isn’t so small (90mm) but the whole thing only weighs a few grams more than a “Tiny Whoop”. I don’t have a yard or a field nearby. But, I’ve got a bench outside my building and that is where I’ve been. I was astonished by the drones outstanding performance outdoors. The FPV signal carries for just over a block (100m). It’s great fun flying around the neighborhood. Over the past few weeks the configuration has been tweaked to the point of perfection. The combination F3 flight controller and 4 in 1 ESC is working flawlessly. The 0703 15000KV brushless motors are very quiet and after the flight they're still cold. I believe this is due to the DShot 600 ESC protocol and Dynamic Filtering in Betaflight. The motors and 3 blade props produce an abundant amount of thrust and the drone could afford to gain a little weight. So today, I’m building another Happymodel Trainer90 and I will continue to experiment.
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Slow flying the Maule.
slow flying the Maule (0 min 45 sec)