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Posted by Balzaroth | Mar 31, 2020 @ 01:52 PM | 5,092 Views
I Bought my Jumper T8SG plus back in May of 2018 to replace my original T8SG which had a broken gimbal at the time.
When it arrived I had already repaired my original radio and since I really didn't care for the color of ole "Colonial Mustard" it has pretty much stayed boxed up over the past years.
Recently i decided to pull it out and set it up. I liked it! Still not being a big fan of the odd color i decided to find for a way to change the look.
I discovered Jumper was selling faceplates in a few different colors. They had white, red, grey, and carbon fiber.
I think the yellow OLED screen kind of looks neat with the carbon. At least it's unique! 😎...Continue Reading