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Posted by mikelberry | Feb 20, 2020 @ 12:18 PM | 3,446 Views
I'm not a newbie, when it comes to RC. I've been doing heli's, quads, drones and cars for years. Some of you may recognize me from threads about different RC aircraft and drones. But, I've never really written a blog before, so be patient with me. The first thing that I'd like to write about is Haiboxing RC, also known as HBX RC.

Looking at some of the discussions about HBX, I can see that they've been around for a little while. Recently however, they're going after their share of the market like so many others, raising awareness in popular social media. I'm sure you'll be able to find them, the next time you log into your fb account.

I have purchased two of the HBX models so far. I have the Hail Storm, a 1/18th scale model sand rail which performs exceedingly well for a vehicle in it's class and size. It is more of a hobby grade RC than a toy. It's great as it is. But, there are some simple mods/upgrades out there that make it even better. I have added oil capped shocks and improved the response on the suspension quite a bit. The rides are much smoother, keeping traction much better with a moderated rebound on bumps and dips in the track.

I also have the Protector, a 1/12th scale model truggy with dual outboard batteries, precise steering and throttle controls, a LOT of power and amazing speed. It even came with a second set of batteries (clearly marked as set 2, to keep them separated from set 1) and functional Baja lighting on the roll cage. This model also has...Continue Reading