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Posted by rattydude77 | Jan 02, 2014 @ 05:50 PM | 3,429 Views
whats up people im new here just bought my 1st quad heli-max 1si thought id give the site a try not new in the rc world but just had cars and trucks. Wanna know more just ask........ im back adding to my blog im selling my 1si on ebay with lots of extras know im getting a dji f450 quad with out naza and gps il add that later instead of a gopro i went with sharper image action cam il put some pics @ videos up when i get it in the mail and figure out how to post it on here till then b safe in the skys.k people adding in put on the new kk2.1.5 on the quad waiting on the warm weather here know and up she goes with the camera b safe ......popcornk back at it again got my f450 up for sale just got the phantom 1.1.1 and o boy very sweet i will def b putting up pics and movies till then fly away.... heres my channel enjoy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfb...qytrGqvxy9VzGg OK people back at it again my quadcopter adventure is over for awhile I built a f450 flame wheel sold it built a tarot racing quadcopter sold it bought a DJI phantom 1.1.1 flew crashed rebuilt it then tore it down and built a 1.5 suited it with fat sharks loved it then sold it lol know I'm back were I started but fpving on the ground.Decide to go with a redcat blackout pro and know the adventure begins on the ground I'm fpving and recording new videos will b downloaded soon to my channel enjoy and b safe on the roads lol....?