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Well I have just about finished Eva Sport #2. Just need to add some color to the fuselage.


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Posted by im-sad | Apr 07, 2006 @ 09:45 AM | 13,268 Views
a poem of how i feel...

The Pain of Love

For many a day have I tried
To be the very best in your eyes
Finding nothing but lies
I hope my love does not die

I find out how you think of me
I found out from a friend named Jenny
She told me you don’t want us to be
Together you and me

I cried out in despair
Ran around in my underwear
Talk to you I did not dare
I just sat alone in my chair.

Even though I know it’s useless
To love you and wait for that kiss
The reason I love is for you alone
I will care for you on my own

But try as I might
You have become my Kryptonite
Become my one only light
That keeps me awake at night

Tomorrow my feelings I proclaim to you
Or maybe in a day or two
For love you as I do
I can’t stand the pain of not being with you

So end this feeling must
Blown away by the wind and dust
Because I know there will never be an “us”
I hope this action of mine is just
For to me, the wind is you and the dust is I
All I can say Is I Love Thy
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Every flight is an adventure for the RC modeler experimenting with the universe of his model aircraft. Mass is the attribute the modeler struggles with to get a strong light structure. The Velocity the aircraft flies at is due to the quantum of lift the pilot permits by his selection of trim center, whereas the alpha range of the selected profile employed, controls the speed range of velocity available. Performance is graded as the amount of sink speed the model demonstrates at the velocity a pilot desires. Drag controls the Sink rate along with performance reduction, so modelers diligently attempt to minimize it as much as possible. Inertia (because of mass) regulates ‘ground speed’, and this mass (i.e. density) is the ‘motor’ for a Sailplane. Inertia is a prime requirement for dynamic soaring by its regulation of ground speed, and is somewhat overlooked by modern flatland soaring enthusiasts - that will normally accept less of a quantum that may sacrifice a bit of idealistic performance. This state of affairs is conditioned by a specialized paradigm created by a plutocratic society of ‘expert’ competition pilots democratically controlling soaring rules and regulations. Unfortunately, the end result creates a one-design universe, because of extremely narrow gateways for success. All this because of soaring being currently reduced to conditional gliding.

Hopefully you will follow me through the logic of the ‘Golden Age of Model Aviation’ soaring concepts to...Continue Reading
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This week, I have a picture of Preston's Pride, a B-17 that is part of a Veteran's Memorial near Highway 99 in Tulare, CA. I had to climb up on top of my car to get this shot, so that the fence doesn't block all of the plane.
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After I had gained some experience with the Electra kit-bashed glider, I decided that I wanted to get some experience with an aileron plane. The motivation for this was watching the more experienced pilots at the Donald Drive in Orinda. For the most part, they had gliders that were much easier to turn than the polyhedral rudder/elevator planes. For several reasons, I settled on the (since discontinued) B-2 glider from Zagi. One of the reasons was that this plane did not require a mixing radio, since it had three servos: One for each aileron, and one for an elevator. The elevator was the middle part of the trailing edge, and the ailerons were outboard of the elevator.

It didn't take long to glue it together, cut out the servo bays and the receiver/battery areas, and prepare it for flight. It proved to be a frustrating exercise trying to control it. I experimented with different throws on the control surfaces and the CG, and eventually found a combination that allowed somewhat controlled flight.

Since I am a pretty persistent cuss, I was able to fly and land it most of the time. It really took a beating while I was doing this, and I was glad that it was made of foam. I learned to roll it, but loops proved all but impossible. In retrospect, it would have been helpful to add ballast to it to increase its penetration.

In retrospect, this airplane taught me important skills in recognizing plane attitude, knowing when the airfoil is flying and when it is...Continue Reading
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Just about got the new Sea Fury ready now, still need to run up the motor but she's looking lovely. Weighs 13lbs, span 70"
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My best flying buddy, my son and I are attending the Toledo R/C expo this year. As a frequent flyer I'm not that partial to flying as a reward for flying but sometimes it comes in handy. I like to go to Toledo every 3-4 years and I like to go with a group. I supplied airfare (via mileage) and hotel (hotel points for many lonely nights) and my buddy rented the car. We're camping out in Boling Green.

But now, for something completely different...

My trip was rescheduled because a client just had to have me attend a meeting in England. I didn't want to do it on short notice but made the stipulation that they would have to get me back with my traveling party today.

My client, and good friend, has me put my license on the rental car too. I thought in case he gets tired. Wrong he knows I have hundreds of hours of driving in the UK under my belt, including one shunt, and wants me to do the honors. Well OK, it's not like switching from Mode 2 to Mode 1, but it is directionally similar. We get to the car and blimely (limey lingo there) it's a standard. Thank God we're starting at Gatwick and not Heathrow. Fortunately the shift direction is the same, left to right (and so are the pedals clutch-brake-throttle), even if you're using you're left hand to row the boat.

We did our meetings for 2 and a half days and then did some sight seeing at Hampton Court. Palatial estate of Henry VIII. I've included two pictures, a view from front gate and a 16th century rotisserie.

See you in Toledo
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Decided to Try to Video some flight time from the view of the airplane. My Pigi 3D has plenty of extra power and will hover at 1/2 throttle, even though I have never been the one able to get it to do that... I figure, one of those disposable digital video cameras from CVS would do just fine. I can move my battery back a little or use a lighter 3s pack and put the video recorder on with velcro just like the battery. Even added a strap accross the fuse bottom to cradle the camera just like the battery.
So, off to the club I go. Excited to be probably the first in our club to get video footage from the air over the club, I hook it up and wait for the wind to die down a little and up she goes. Good balance ...smooth flying for video...made nice medium low pass over the flight line at which point several members made rude gestures with their middle fingers at the plane hoping to become video stars I guess...end of the field comes up and I've had enough, the wind is kicking up a little, but just the right amount to elevator the Pigi straight down into the wind right in front of me ... or so I thought. Got a little low in the turn and pulled up... like a white part of the plane just flew off and slingshotted about 30 yards into the swamp.... Oh well. guess thousands of years from now some archaelogist will find it and retrieve the data and see my moronic buddies shooting birds at the camera... Lost $30.00 too. Kind of an expensive lesson. We'll see.
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Well I thought I would try a few new things this week.

First is the RCG blogs. I thought I would start a Personal RCG blog about my flying and the fleet I fly. I have a blog of my own in another location, but it is primarily for my PodCast to keep it updated (Oh, If you are interested in receiving my weekly PodCast just add this line to your Pod Catcher: or visit the URL to learn more about PodCasts.)

So, Since it seems most of the stuff I rant about crosses over motor, battery and plane lines. And starting a thread on one limits my discussion to only the one, I thought I would open a Blog about my over all RC experiences.

The Second thing I thought I would try New this week was Sail Planes. I had been wanting a sail plane since last summer and A few weeks ago I saw on the Air-Borne Models site a World Models EP Sailor w/ geared 550 motor in the scatch and dent for $69. It was only a damaged box, but the model was complete. Well that is all it took to get me started. I ordered it and it arrived just a few days later.

Well, Got it up and running yesterday, and did a maiden this AM. This is my first experience with a large 2 meter sail plane. Weather was perfect (but a little cool - so no thermal activity that I found).

Well all I can say is ... "Sail Planes are Cool" This thing is RC Fun on a whole new Level. I only flew one pack in it today - a Thunder Power 2100 3s prolite. It was too...Continue Reading


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a blog is a way of just saying nothing in hopes that someone will read it. not to say that whoever reads it has nothing better to do, but that what you say is important. on my first blog, i see about 500 hits, does a blog that you want read, need a picture to catch attention? lets see. i can see the hits i get for "read", but you can leave a note on what you think.