Posted by TMacFPV | Mar 07, 2020 @ 09:41 AM | 4,467 Views
TBS Crossfire has sooo many amazing features 🤩

Its telemetry alone has LOTS of options – which can be confusing! 🤪

Today, I'm gonna clear things up with a simple explanation and "How To" setup of TBS control link telemetry – this can SAVE Your Quad! 👌

How you'll use TBS control link telemetry from now on?
TBS Crossfire Telemetry - SAVE YOUR QUAD! (16 min 49 sec)

Posted by NobatteryNopower | Mar 07, 2020 @ 04:05 AM | 3,922 Views
I ordered a Fatshark Trinity head tracker from BG and got it to work with my DX8 (Gen1), to control pan/tilt in my soon to be SCX10 Range Rover. Took some effort digging through the internet but I've managed to come up with a working solution.

Why a stand-alone head tracker? The DJI Digital system i'd like to buy in the near future doesn't have head tracking built in, so I'm preparing myself for the future.

I want Pan and tilt on channel 7 and 8 of my DX8 so these are the steps I took (will be edited for clarification):

- On the DX8: Hold down roller-button when powering up. Then, scroll to the trainer menu. Set Trainer mode to Programmable Master and set CH7 & 8 to slave.
- Set Trinity Headtracker module to output Pan & Tilt to CH7 & CH8 by holding the Trinity button when powering up and let go of the button directly after powering up. Then listen to the beeps to get to the preferred mode, confirm mode by pressing button, listen to beeps for correct setting, confirm setting by pressing button.
- Connect tracker with supplied cable to trainer port on the back of the DX8.
- press button on Trinity to activate tracker.
- Somehow I've understood that head tracking only will activate when holding down the bind/trainer switch on the DX8. I only got two hands and this sounds like a stupid idea so I exchanged the momentary switch with a tumbler switch. Works great!
- The pan-motion is also controlled by the three-way switch of AUX2. Now I can pan left-center-right with a flick of a switch.
Posted by stevster | Mar 07, 2020 @ 12:13 AM | 4,589 Views
Here's the latest addition to my overcrowded hangar. It's a Avions Fairy Corporation of Belgium, "Tipsy Nipper". Like most of my stuff, it's one of those "what the heck is that" kind of goofy airplanes that I'm attracted to! It started off as a very limited production, 70's Balsa USA kit, but I've made so many changes to the original design, you could just call this a "kit bash"!

I started this project a little over 16 months ago for a local club that I belong to, for a entry into their "Winter Build Contest" that was to take place in about 4 months after I started. Well, 1 month before the contest was to take place, my wife informed me (told me) that we weren't gonna even be in town when that was to take place, so that's when the wind went out of my sails for the build! A couple of months ago, I started on it again for this years contest. Hey, mine just took longer to build!

It's only a 60" wingspan, but it is a 1/4 scale plane! Some of the changes I made were: simulated ribs on the flat sheet stabilizer & elevator, along with the fin & rudder, removable canopy with metal framing, detailed cockpit, fuel cap, tail bracing, blisters on the cowl, individual aileron servo's, functioning drum brakes, fabric covering with glue dot stitches (965 of them)! & pinking tape, Saito FA-90T twin (original was VW powered), oleo front strut & scale main gear. I also beheaded one of those great Bazzboe pilots and...Continue Reading
Posted by racedouge1 | Mar 06, 2020 @ 07:14 PM | 4,469 Views
Wow...Pictures do these no justice. APD F-Series 40F3 They are small and will bring a whole new meaning to quad motors and hotliners. BL heli hear I come.
Posted by lawrence4 | Mar 06, 2020 @ 05:27 PM | 4,921 Views
Fiu Cam Folding Prop with C1404 (0 min 19 sec)

Motor: C1404 3000KV 9g (replaced shaft with 2mm carbon fiber tube)
Folding Prop: 4.5*3
Posted by Vespaman | Mar 06, 2020 @ 04:28 PM | 4,265 Views
I am looking for a Hans5100 pm me if you have one for sale
Posted by Cox PT-19 | Mar 06, 2020 @ 03:29 PM | 4,855 Views
Got the little Ohlsson and Rice .049 going this morning.

I had to use a hair dryer to heat-soak the venturi area to free the needle valve and the unseen reed valve. It's mixture setting/RPM wandered around for a while (probably as old chunks of goop were breaking loose inside), before finally settling into a fairly steady run.

It's no power house, turning a 5-3 gray at around 10-12K, but the old dog is still running strong enough to drag a 2-channel plane around the sky.

Ohlsson and Rice 'Mite' 049 Test Run (1 min 5 sec)

Posted by unboxingexp | Mar 06, 2020 @ 12:00 PM | 5,041 Views
Here is my take on a 1s brushless tinywhoop. It's similar to the Meteor 65 and the Mobula 6 but cheaper. Here are the components I ve used:
- 65mm frame
- BetaFPV 1s F4 FC with integrated Frsky receiver
- Racerstar Mamba 08028 motors
- 3d printed camera mount
- Caddx Firefly AIO camera
- Gemfan 1219 props
- Gaoneng 300mAh 1s battery

1s brushless tinywhoop (2 min 45 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Mar 06, 2020 @ 09:05 AM | 6,166 Views
I'm 2 for 4 with this little girl.....both failures occured when I tried to put the fans internal of the fuse..never could get the efflux cone I'm going back to the variant that flew, with a few changes......this version will be 1/2" pink foam, Elmer's board KF-2 wing, (2) 6 blade 70 mm fans with 3500 kv Motors, 80 amp esc's and a 5000 mah 50C 4 cell....I'll use this post as a build log.....finishing the drawings now
Posted by basslord1124 | Mar 06, 2020 @ 08:33 AM | 5,110 Views
So I received this foamboard cutout with the FT logo/gremlin in a recent Flitetest speedbuild kit. And I figured, rather than trash this cool creation, lets turn it into a workshop decoration. Added some LED lights equipped with a remote (only $11 on Amazon). So here it is...

Cool Flitetest workshop DIY decoration...LED, effects, etc (1 min 20 sec)

Posted by lawrence4 | Mar 06, 2020 @ 02:34 AM | 6,211 Views
Fiu Cam Folding Prop installed (0 min 26 sec)

Motor: HexTronik 1811-2000KV 10g
Folding Prop. 4.5*3
Posted by old4570 | Mar 05, 2020 @ 09:21 PM | 5,808 Views
The great toilet paper shortage of 2020

I hope everyone has some !

It would seem there has been some TP related violence in Australia .
Guess civilised society is only an illusion , just a little strain and some revert to animal instincts !
This be friday , and people are driving like idiots .

Looks like a little strain is enough to pull out the threads of criminality !

Pictured are two ESC's ...
One is a brushless 1s to 2s , meant for quads I think ..
But for 1s , one should be able to throw on a JR plug and take + power from the battery ..

The other is a brushed 1s ESC and it is small , about the size of a JR plug , That's interesting . ( 5A from mem )

Should be 2 more ESC on the way ...
Posted by JustAskDave | Mar 05, 2020 @ 04:41 PM | 6,502 Views
Been flying RC aircraft of various types for over 40 years. Doesn't make me an expert by any means, but have definitely picked up some tricks along the way!

I currently work as a Trainer and Assessor for the Certificate 3 Aviation - Remote Pilot and also CASA RePL licencing (as well as commercial Drone work when I can), so for someone in this hobby you could say the dream job.
Posted by DutchRC | Mar 05, 2020 @ 12:01 PM | 7,684 Views
Halloa people

usually I review / feature new things on my YT channel, but this time it's different.. I am actually reviewing a SERVICE in this case
As you probably know the Session (cube style) camera's aren't made by GoPro anymore, so are refurbished cam's a good option?

Buying a Refurbished AS-NEW GoPro Hero5 Session from REBUY (13 min 12 sec)

Posted by rchrist | Mar 05, 2020 @ 11:47 AM | 7,403 Views
Almost ready to test my project with a tail assembly installed on the main shaft for main rotors. More fitment continues before I loctite and ca three little parts in place. It's not as huge as it looks in the photos and have more than enough power to swing them easily. The rotors didn't needed any washers as they fitted in the grips nicely. Also, I have the frame braced some, so the extra weight wouldn't flex the frame when rotating. I love it so far and once all is tighten and tested, I'll be able to say more.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Mar 05, 2020 @ 08:13 AM | 7,828 Views
Less than an hour....(2)small piece of 1x6 common pine, and one of those lawnmower frame T-bolts with knob...Ideally, the little "keeper collars" should be brass to better accept solder..but you get the idea
Posted by HGLRC Company | Mar 05, 2020 @ 04:16 AM | 7,025 Views
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In a previous blog about my mCPX BL2, I ended by mentioning that I was going to install a MicroHeli frame, MH-MBL2005. Unfortunately, just a few grass hits was enough to cause all kinds of damage to my mCPX BL2. As to be expected, the usual weak spots include the canopy posts and the boom mount, as well as the boom itself. Once the boom splits and gets loose in the frame, the boom can fall off the heli during a flight! I discovered this firsthand upon wrapping the tail motor wires around the main shaft.

One thing that really is upsetting about the stock frame is that the canopy posts break so easily. I actually had a canopy post fall off while I was removing the servos. I have never experienced more fragile plastic! And, many other people have reported the tips of the canopy posts just shearing off, leaving the canopy free to flop around unattached. I like that the MicroHeli frame includes carbon fiber canopy posts. There's just no way the carbon fiber posts are going to break without putting up a fight!

Unlike the fragile stock frame, the MicroHeli frame includes carbon fiber frame sides that screw onto metal bearing blocks. The boom mount is also metal and includes a screw to tighten the boom mount onto the boom. Coupled with a solid tail boom, this frame should be able to handle a few grass hits with ease. Probably won't be long before I know for sure!

Assembling the MicroHeli frame is similar to any other helicopter frame. The screws must be thread-...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Mar 04, 2020 @ 10:21 PM | 7,496 Views
I was thinking about the cub dropping it's nose when power was cut .

If it's not a CG issue ? It has to be something else ( right ? )

So I got out my ruler and started working out my wing angle and my horizontal stab angle .. ( See Picture )

Looks like the cub had built in down elevator ..
The tell was = Finally flew straight , with up elevator trim ( quite visible ) ..

Corrective measures have been taken , so just need to see what happens next time I fly ( Might have some up elevator now )