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Posted by lilleyen | Feb 08, 2013 @ 09:33 AM | 5,668 Views
We're expecting 25-35 centimeters by late tonight, breaking a 5 year record for this area...Southern Ontario.

Trying to catch up on my various projects around here.
I have a Brando Footy to finish, a new Fairwind III that I acquired in the fall that still needs some tweaking, (only got to sail it twice before the water got hard), and some kitchen renos finish.
Never seems to be enough time.
Better than being bored I guess.

Also have a Presto footy to build if I can catch up
Both the Brando and the Presto footys are designed by Italian naval architect Flavio Faloci and the plans are sold by The wooden Boat Store, that also sells plans for full sized boats, and has done so for many years.
They have just recently taken an interest in Flavio's wonderful little balsa creations too, since they are ALL WOOD boats!

A little about me.
I started building small ship models, both static and free sailing when I was about 7 years old up in Northern Quebec.(Heading for 71 this spring!!)
Eventually got into model airplanes and RC (my dad was a bush pilot).

Raising a family became prioriity for quite a while, and I now have 3 grown children and two grandchildren and another on the way I just found out yesterday.

Finally got retired, (sort of), so now I can spend more time on my motorcycle, my guitar, and my assorted hobbies, although with less money to throw around.

Finding all these assorted forums on RCGroups has been very informative and a lot of fun for me too.
I've made some...Continue Reading