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Posted by phil alvirez | May 19, 2021 @ 01:50 PM | 39,845 Views
once i lived in a house that had a large trellis that covered the whole sides including windows. to trim it to clear the windows i had to chase a fellow gardener that had a tall ladder, but couldnt find him before 11:00 am. when i asked him why i couldnt find him before that time he said that he didnt need to work before to get all the money he needed. at the time i found this silly, but after many years chasing more money, i failed to realize that what matters is to understand what you really need to be happy.
now that am retired and live a quiet comfortable life i see the wisdom of that modest fellow that was aware of what he needed to be happy and didnt push beyond that. to me, learning this is the key to happiness.