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Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 23, 2018 @ 01:31 PM | 14,793 Views
it is over a month since my blog is showing malfunctions.
1 of them is that my posts do not appear at my list, and the other is that the number of visits is very little (about 5 in 1 month).
i have contacted the administrators and after 1 week i was able to be able to see the posts i have posted, but not the correct visits.
but today is happening again. can not see my posts that i have sent.
this is the thread i started:

wonder what are the administrators doing to correct this anomaly.
i have reached them several times.
has this happened to anybody else?
see post 11, where it shows a fellow that contacted me pm and told me this:
how can you explain this?
aug 28: finally (for the 2nd time) i can see my posts! i hope this will not happen again. is very annoying.

Re: Blog visits
"Something is strange, when I visited your blog, I didn't see a counter or the last 10 visit list.
Originally Posted by Jeffery
I think if a user has their online status hidden, then their visits to blogs do not register on the last visited counter.
See if I have a visit visible, I have my online status hidden but have visited your blog."

right. i dont see it. thanks for telling. an interesting possibility.
but then, how comes that before i got lots of visits and then for a month i have just 5?
how could happen than before everybody was not hidden and now everybody is?
i had 54,996 a month ago.
update: now they tell me its a server problem. i hope some day they fix it!
but still am left without access to the posts i have sent. until when?
well, now at least i can see my posts again. has failed twice in 1 month.
has this happened to any1 else?
i used to have hundreds of visits a month (note: visits. this is different from views)
oct 12: update: so far i can see my posts, but visits show just a few, so they did not fix it. wonder why?
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 07, 2018 @ 11:53 AM | 13,412 Views
in the morning, frequently i see gulls at parking lots. many of them.
some have ideas on why, as you can see on the attached link:

but i see that they stand there doing nothing, for several minutes. frozen.
just today arrived 10 minutes before the store opens, so i watched them. they are not socializing. just freeze.
sometimes hundreds of them. no noise. then, after a long time, 1 decides to take off. then another. sometimes all go.
so i began to think that must be a reason for that strange behaviour.
lets see:
1-they are not there for food.
2-they dont deal with 1 another
3-they spend considerable time sitting there still
must be something they find at the parking lot.
parking lots are covered with asphalt.
could it be that the asphalt warms up and keep the warmth better that the surroundings, and this way they warm up and makes flying easier?
it is the only thing that occurs to me.
it was at a large parking lot of a sports arena where i used to fly my small park fliers at dawn that i witnessed 1 of the strangest situations.
i was flying 1 of my small foamy planes fashioned after a gull and testing a new gearbox. that day there were over 1 hundred of them.
everytime i launched it, several gulls took off and followed it closely, and when i stopped the motor they left. then i noticed that the gearbox made a high pitch sound. barely perceptible to me, but that could sound to them as a cry or something and they approached the plane trying to learn what was that about. i think there is a short video at my blog showing that.
but could be another reason for them to gather there quietly.
the plane mentioned is at page 13 of my blog