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Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 17, 2015 @ 02:03 PM | 8,605 Views
yesterday was not so windy and above freezing so went to the park nearby.
the pond was still frozen but there was almost no snow on the grass.
a pleasant time i had.
and even more when in 1 flight, 2 'v' shaped geese formations flew near my plane.
they maneuvered to avoid my plane, otherwise just honking happily.
it was a pleasure to see them again. although not expected so soon.
maybe as the climate is going weirder every year they are disoriented about when to come back i guess.
they usually land on the pond but, as i said, it still is frozen.
Posted by phil alvirez | Mar 13, 2015 @ 12:44 PM | 8,515 Views
well, after surviving the coldest winter (even colder than the '13, but shorter), and with the snow melting, i noticed that there was almost no wind, so picked up my 2 stock umx radians (that have gyros), went to the nearby park and gave them a try. i just could not resist anymore the urge to fly! it was not too cold, just around freezing, and a slight breeze, so launched the plane, climbed as high as i could still see it and had a great flight, and then at landing catched it. just like if it were spring or summer. then at the 2nd flight i could not believe my eyes: there it was, jumping up into a strong thermal! never caught a thermal near freezing, so was not prepared for it. (perhaps because there are some homes under). i kept enjoying it for a while, but my fingers were getting stiff with the cold so decided to fly it out of the thermal and eventually landed. not much wind, so the gyros could take care of it. just some turbulence near the ground. spring is still around the corner, but this was an opportunity that could not let go away
so, get ready, folks!