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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Jun 05, 2012 @ 09:47 AM | 106,938 Views
I was able to get my DLG higher than usual at Joe Nall. Josh Price offered to throw my DLG on Friday during the afternoon. Prior to this I thought maybe I needed a lighter plane but deep down I know it was just my throwing ability. Josh proved that on the first throw. He must have put her up around 150 to 180 feet. Cruising around at that altitude really showed me what I have been missing out on with my low throws. Unfortunately he was throwing it so hard he ripped out the pegs but evidently the style of pegs on my DLG are prone to ripping off. I went to Skip Miller Models and ordered the Steigeisen Power Peg. I'll have to get the Dremel tool out and do some wing work but I'm anxious to get the plane back in the air and see if I can get better altitudes!

Here are some DLG photos from that day...