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Posted by blade strike | Jan 17, 2009 @ 09:08 PM | 36,362 Views
Well I was looking for a ds-760 a few weeks ago and couldnít find it in stock. I have known a few people that fly both the ds760 and pg-800, they couldnít tell the difference. So I contacted *****to see if I could to try the gyro and if I didnít like return it for a refund and they said no problem. (so I felt pretty good on trying it).

Well I have been flying it now for over a week and I'm in love. Doesnít compare to a 401 and I even think it blows the 611 away! IMHO I really donít think you could find a better gyro and for the price with programming card, I know you canít! I even tried the align gov and on the 401 you would get racing (fast tail wag) but with the pg-800 its rock solid and damn, the align gov does work very well set at 80% w/ 13t. I never was able to try the align gov's since I always flew 2100's or 401's.

Setup was very easy, I wanted to see if you could just setup the gyro in HH and not worry about mechanical setup, like the 401. Well I would say itís easier than a 401. I set the gain at 50% and took off tail was solid with no drift. I started with some hs piro's and had a bounce on right piro, so I set the heli down hooked up the programmer and decreased RPIRGAIN, well that fixed that !!! It's really that simple to setup! I then thought I would set it up with proper mechanical setup. I added 8 degrees of pitch on the tail to start with and put her in rate mode. Hooked up the programmer and set travel via L-LIMIT and R-LIMIT. Needed some fine...Continue Reading