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Posted by Qwinout | Sep 27, 2019 @ 04:34 AM | 738 Views
As a drone hobbist,you might have a lot of drones .
we always want to try the newest ones,so we buy one and another.this takes a large amount of money and space,do you agree?
Do you want to exchange you drones with the one that you have not tried before?
Do you want to sell the drones that you do not want any more?
Do you want to buy a second hand drone at low price?
if you have the requirements above ,Please contact us,we can offer a Platform to help you buy and sell

Posted by Qwinout | Sep 04, 2019 @ 01:04 AM | 1,262 Views
Flight control Configurator software


Betaflight is a general term for a series
Mainly used two software
Assistant software called: Betaflight Configurator
Black box view and vibration pop stats software called: betaflight / blackbox-log-viewer
Betaflight is currently the best and most widely used flight control assistant software, also known as ground station.
Can be applied to windows, MacOS, Linux and other platforms
Betaflight main page address
Click on the sub-link of the "Configuration Tool" on the page.
Will enter the main interface of Betaflight Assistant software Betaflight Configurator
Here is a special reminder, with the Betaflight Configurator, be sure to follow the instructions on the main page to install the driver.
Virtualize the USB port of the computer into a data serial port
In this way, the USB cable can be inserted into the flight controller for adjustment.

Another common assistant software, Cleanflight, is also in Github.
Black Box View and Shock Pop Statistics Software
Betaflight / blackbox-log-viewer
Main page address
Download page

3.BLHELI ESC Assistant Software
Here I only touched the 32-bit ESC, using a software called BLHELI to adjust the ESC
Mainly used for two functions
1, brush the firmware
2, change the direction of motor rotation
Main page address
Download page