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Posted by Pat Lynch | Jun 09, 2016 @ 01:59 PM | 8,140 Views
Hello all. After the topsy-turvy start to 2016, life has slowly started to assume something close to normalcy. Normal, but lacking at least one major activity, - RC Modelling Not that I have given up on this great hobby but rather, it has been put on hold while I sort out more immediate aspects of my disrupted life!

The biggest change, is my planning for a permanent return to my home country - New Zealand! This has been an intention for some time now and having found a suitable situation in New Zealand where I can live and continue my various hobbies, I am now faced with the huge task of moving ESSENTIAL personal stuff to a new country.

Moving house is never an easy or stress-free task, but I have made the bold decision to virtually 'Start all over again' - quite a bold decision. I feel that fresh start in ALL aspects of my life will help to clear the air, renew my enthusiasm for modelling, art, music and all the other aspects of living that are important to me.

Having made that decision, there is much to do - finish renovating my home for sale, transporting want-to-keep items to New Zealand, disposing of furniture and household good not wanted in my new life, AND, of more relevance here - what to do with the finished models (and unfinished ones) that are rather delicate to move - esp. several of them.

It is with a lot of reservation, but consistent with the 'New Start' reasoning, I am offering ALL my current projects for sale
This incudes the well-known 1/6 Fokker D....Continue Reading