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Posted by Pat Lynch | Jan 29, 2015 @ 05:50 AM | 11,486 Views
Like any scale model builder, I have a seemingly bottomless bucket-list and sorting out what is likely to be looked into as a model subject is ongoing.
Obviously I have a major long-term build in the 84" Avro Anson and the current quick-build of a new model of Peter Rake's F2b in the disguise of the 'Brisfish'. This model is my first real use of Solartex - maybe overkill on a 67" 8 lb model but it is good experience.
Then I may get back to do the rear fuselage covering on the Anson using the Polyspan and Solartex skills I have learned (or not).
After the 1/4 scale SPAD build, I have a yearning for another 1/4 scale WW1 machine and am looking for a plan that is highly detailed, highly regarded and highly difficult I believe I've found something and not having looked at a Dennis Bryant design, have ordered a plan set for perusal. But more of that later......
Another aircraft that I'd like to build, maybe a smaller, simpler one is the big, ugly between-the-wars Vickers Vildebeest or Vincent in RNZAF colours. (my current avatar) I have small free-flight rubber plan and may slightly expand that and draw up my own plans for a build after the style of the Polikarpov Po-2 I built last year.
All dream-stuff at the moment but dreaming is good too
Posted by Pat Lynch | Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:36 PM | 11,710 Views
No, no resolutions - I never follow them through anyway
However, as I get a little older, I become a bit circumspect about what unfinished projects are still laying around the workshop and garage and realise some hard decisions need to be made (I've done this purging thing a few times before).
Because, building is my passion and flying less so, there isn't a clear-cut goal of 'hurry up and get it built so I can fly it' In fact it is often 'this is building too quickly - and I like what I'm doing a lot'. The end result is many models started get to the interesting phase and then lose their appeal (for me). Sadly, this has happened to a couple of my models that were started some years ago and which have been cluttering up my limited storage space waiting their turn on the bench. As much as I try to convince myself that their turn will come, I know deep down that many other projects are in my sights and spending more time on the uninteresting old ones will not result in much satisfaction.
It must be said that ALL my unfinished models have given lots of building satisfaction and have left me with a better understanding of problem-solving, new techniques and generally greater modelling experience. So after all that self-indulgent waffle, what is being given the 'Cease and Desist' treatment.
My rather ambitious He-111 was built from old plans and could still be hacked into a reasonable model. The rather complex 'glass house' cockpit suffered a bit of damage in transit to our new...Continue Reading
Posted by Pat Lynch | Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:09 PM | 11,392 Views
At the beginning of 2015, I paused to try and remember what had I done last year?
It slowly came back - the scale build-off and the great little Polikarpov that Peter Rake designed and I built - a delightful project of an aircraft that had appealed to me for some time. I loved the fast build and had time to try a few simple detail ideas.
Then I got a burst of enthusiasm over the big Hutson Anson. A lot of frustration working from old plans ('80's) and fair-to-awful laser cut parts (always dicey when cut to hand-drawn plans) and new territory with a biggish model, but it was a challenge and involved engineering and woodwork and a subject I adored so progress was fast.
The Anson gave up time after a few months and a previously started Lysander was almost completed (just some servo wires to the wings to sort out). I need the experience with Polyspan to do many awkward panels on the Anson and so decided to practice on Lizzie first. I am almost sure I can do what I want on the Anson now.
Now throw in a Rake Ryan PT-22 which was built and flown in only a few weeks and all that is left is a big effort on the 1/4 scale SPAD XIII. The SPAD hasn't officially flown but it has been fast-taxied and has gained an altitude of two or three feet before I noticed one of the wheels had fallen apart and so was promptly landed while I still had some strip left Ne wheels have been fitted and await my temperament etc to prevail.......
That just about sums 2014 up! Add into the mix, a bunch of annoying health issues for my wife and myself, a lot of home renovation and gardening and I was running out of steam - rapidly! Consequently 2015 has been rather slow so far - my long awaited desire to paint a 'Brisfish' version of the Bristol F2b fighter has been started and some hard decisions about old projects made.
So that is all very much for-what-its-worth sort of stuff.