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Posted by Pat Lynch | Jan 05, 2011 @ 04:54 PM | 15,185 Views
After a busy modelling year, I asked myself 'what have I achieved'? Apart from completing the Rake 54" SE5a, and done prototype builds of Pete's F2b, Balilla and Air-1 (plus all the photos and documentation) I have started a few new models just for my own enjoyment and have scrapped/sold/given away several older models or those I was unlikely to finish any time soon. Living in a townhouse with limited storage space has forced me to have a rather large turnover - my passion is building models with flying them just a bonus. So if one crashes or doesn't give me much satisfaction, out it goes - harsh but reduces the clutter a bit. (and my Tx has only 12 model memories!)

After the little AIR-1 was built for Peter, I decided to have some time off from prototype builds, their comittment and specific requirements and do some work for myself. Consequently I have a very large Westland Lysander to the Frank Mizer plan (87"), a simple 60" Hurricane and most recently, an up-sized Peter Rake Morane Saulnier AI parasol winged WW1 fighter all on the go! This, plus the unfinished SPAD should keep me out of mischief for most of 2011!

I hope it is a good year

Posted by Pat Lynch | Jan 05, 2011 @ 03:07 PM | 14,941 Views
In the latter part of the year I, and people around me had a few niggling health problems which promted a 'slow down' - not easy as I was up to my ears in projects. While I resolved to spend a little less time at the bench (for a while) I had Pete's F2b to finish and fly and had been tempted by a 1/8 A1 Balilla - I just loved the potential colour schemes! There was also a long standing comittment to build a simpler model of Yakovlev's first powered aircraft design. Well, with a bit of effort, the F2b was finished, flown, crashed, rebuilt and fown many times more - it is my heaviest and largest model to date and is extremely stable in flight. The little Balilla exercised my finishing skills with a stained balsa fuselage, 'in-your-face' camoulflage and outlandish personal markings. Plus of course the delightful red/white/green Italian livery!
She was finished and flown. The other model completed from the Rake stable was the rather nice, simple Yak AIR-1. This flew 'off-the-drawing-board'. No vices, very light weight and simple to fly. It was a good exercise in keeping it simple after the F2b and Balilla builds.


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