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Posted by Late99 | Apr 27, 2014 @ 03:19 PM | 4,943 Views
Again, something simple (and nothing new, I'm just copying what others have been doing for long time already).

What you need:
- Broken hard drive or strong magnets
- Finger prop balancer (something like this)
- Some wood blocks & screws

Steps :
- Disassemble the broken hard drive and save the magnets.
- If you want to paint the wood blocks, it's easy to do before assembly.
- Glue or screw the magnets to wood pieces about 20cm / ~8" tall. Adjust height as required based on biggest props you're using. 20cm is enough for up to 15" props.
- Measure length of the prop balancer. Distance between magnets should be little longer than the length of the prop balancer. Use pencil to mark this distance on the bottom wood block.
- Screw magnet "tower" blocks to the bottom block from bottom, ensure that the distance between magnets is correct.

Simple as that! (Make also one for your best fly mate)