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Posted by Teeder | Dec 19, 2016 @ 07:41 AM | 10,754 Views
I have this new quadcopter and it's a pretty cool, nice quality camera drone. Being made by WLToys, this quad is very similar to the sister company XK and the X251 model. This model has brushed motors where the x251 is a brushless quad. The Q323 is heavier than any other brushed quad that I've seen and it utilizes 3 bladed props to get great flight. It also boasts 15 min flight time with a 2800mah 2S lipo on board!

Needless to say I'm happy to have this quad and the video it take is VERY GOOD... no noticable video jello at all. I made a video to explore what this quad has to offer and take it up for a test flight! I got this quad from Gearbest and click here for more info.

Gearbest has contaced me... viewers of this video can have special discount savings! Enter GBWLQ323 in promo code for final price of $61.39!!

WL Toys Q323! Awesome 720p camera drone! (RC Courtesy of Gearbest) EP#296 (14 min 29 sec)

Posted by Teeder | Dec 02, 2016 @ 08:40 PM | 11,083 Views
Hey guys I got this micro quadcopter the other day and I took it out for a flight inside. Its very cool and one of the best micro drones I've ever flown. First off the radio is a decent size. Sometimes quads this small you get a tiny tiny tiny radio but this one is a good size, similar to a gamepad for a video game console. It's fairly easy to fly (i wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a beginner quad though) and very responsive to the controls. I found it best flying in mid rates. High rates it for the really experienced flyers because the yaw is crazy! You can have fun with this too using headless mode and return to home. and of course the camera is cool and takes good video and pictures when you figure the cost of this RTF quad (in dec 2016) around $28 with free shipping. One thing to note it - it DOES NOT come with a micro SD card for the video/pic capture.

I got this from Gearbest and there's more info about this in my video description. Here's my video I did on Youtube for my channel and there's plenty other videos like this in my channel if you are interested.
JJRC H30C Demo Flight! Cool Nano 720p Camera Quad! (from Gearbest) EP#292 (7 min 14 sec)