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Posted by FeiJi | Jan 31, 2017 @ 05:54 AM | 6,420 Views
I managed to land my EPP wing on our football (soccer) stadium awning in September 2016 - and there it sat for the last four months. I saw that the wind had finally blown the wing off the stadium yesterday but didn't see it anywhere and figured someone had found it and taken it home. Then today it decided to snow and I was walking around the football field and low and behold there it was on the edge of the field upside down and covered with snow. If it hadn't snowed someone would probably have seen it earlier. I was really happy though I figured it wasn't much good.
Took it home, plugged in a battery and everything except for one servo worked. Amazing. Then thought since the lipo isn't puffed I would try charging it. So checked voltage, zero volts. Charged it for 30 seconds as an NiMH to get a charge in there and then balance charged it. Looks ok.

When the weather clears up will replace the servo and try it out.
Was a total unexpected surprise. Been through many raining days and nights and two snowstorms and still works.

Update: flew it the next day. Flew around a few times, crashed it and the nose broke right off. Evidently the weather has made the EPP very brittle (the cold doesnt help either). Easily repaired but I have a scratchbuilt I will transfer the electrics to. Never liked how this wing flew anyway. Such is life.

Update: Ok, the scratchbuilt won't fly w/o a lot of work so repaired this wing, and took it out and it flies. Not great but I put two...Continue Reading
Posted by FeiJi | Jan 17, 2017 @ 12:05 AM | 6,239 Views
Not sure what you call this modification but I took an acrylic ruler to use as a wing and glued it to the fuselage of my EPP wing to act as a small biplane wing or rearward canard. I had read that someone did this (actually he glued a couple of short stubby wings on the sides of his fuselage in about the same position as mine) several years ago (cannot find the reference article now) and he explained how it kept the airflow attached to the main wing for longer or some such thing. All I can say for sure is that it effectively pushes the CG backward so I can use a heavier battery or motor and that it improves aerobatic performance, gliding and slow fight. Guess it is like flying with flaps on but not as draggy. As one viewer proposes: it gives more lift. I guess it could be a simple as that, more wing area = more lift.

Lighting EPP Plank with biwing modification (3 min 36 sec)