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Posted by FeiJi | Nov 21, 2012 @ 07:35 PM | 4,653 Views
I made a powered airplane mobile that is hanging and running all the time from my living room light fixture. It is powered by a 5 volt transformer with a pot to control the motor speed and a slip ring. See it at my instructables.com site here:
Posted by FeiJi | Nov 04, 2012 @ 04:27 AM | 4,772 Views
I bought this as an empty plane and put in 950kv motor, 40amp servo and 9x7.5 prop. I haven't flown it yet but it did try to take off in my living room when I was fooling around with the radio settings and accidently set the throttle on full power. It tried to chew its way through my sofa. Anyway broke the prop and the motor mount broke off. Just as well as I epoxied it back on stronger but it would be nice to get it in the air before I crash it.
Update 11/7: Maidened this morning. Horrifying flight but didn't crash. Rates were too high and it just took off skyward and was almost harriering. Then got it under control, barely moving the sticks then had a nice few minutes of flying around, thought about landing it then it took a funky dive toward the ground (have no idea what caused that) and luckily got it down with only one landing gear slightly bent. Scary. Got to lower the rates then find what caused the dip. Otherwise it was fun and looks cool in the air. Never had a scale plane before. Also it is fast, I was using less than 50% throttle. I'm used to poking around except with my wings but an EPP wing is crashable, this one isn't so.
Update 11/10: I don't know why everyone brags about this plane, you look at it wrong and something falls off. Mine doesn't even look like a p51 anymore, it looks like the phoenix, front wood frame is filled with epp, motor is held on with a bamboo rod and rubber bands. The wheels bend or break at the slightest pressure. It makes me...Continue Reading