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Posted by Matt Gunn | Jun 23, 2010 @ 10:48 PM | 7,838 Views
Sometimes birds are stubborn and don't want to leave their nest. You can throw small objects such as tennis balls, in hopes it will get scared and come down, or you can wait 'till it's napping and sneak up with a 45 foot boom truck...
Posted by Matt Gunn | Jun 20, 2010 @ 06:24 PM | 9,171 Views
So I figured if I was going to go through the trouble of hauling out the Easy Up tent and two chairs, then I might as well give a name to our rag-tag group of renegade flyers. The first official DFC meeting took place today. A brief sum up of the meeting notes confirm a bunch of crap talking about flying skills opened the meeting, followed by general blabbing about wives, girlfriends, and how hot it was even under the tent. Casualties for the day were a blown out ducted fan, a nose over on landing, and two broken props due to low level hovering trials.
I had a great time, hope more people will show up as they see how much fun we're having/ See you guys next time. Meeting adjourned! :0)

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Posted by Matt Gunn | Jun 12, 2010 @ 08:54 PM | 13,056 Views
I picked up the HobbyZone Champ to compliment my growing micro collection. This plane is, without a doubt, the best flying micro plane Ive had the pleasure of flying. Its a bit larger than the Ultra Micro Cub and flies oh sooo sweet.
I was doing rudder rolls and inverted flight with the little Champ outside this afternoon Grab a little altitude, push full rudder, then full down elevator as she rolls inverted, and release as she comes back around. Easy to do and alot of fun from a plane with such generous dihedral. Inverted flight is a little more tricky; I pull back on the stick like I'm going to do a roll, and as she goes inverted, release and give about 50% down elevator and it will hold inverted flight. It takes quite a bit of rudder to keep it from rolling over though.
The Sukhoi's in the photos belong to bsbauman and HomeDaddy.The new SU26XP is quite the performer when compared to the original. bsbauman was doing some pretty clean knife edge's a few seconds after it's maiden flight
Great flying little Suk indeed

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