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Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 16, 2013 @ 01:31 AM | 14,658 Views
Here's the RocHobby P-51 Strega from Motion RC. One word decribes this latest offering...IMPRESSIVE!

You have the option of flying Strega on either a 3S or 4S 2200mAh batttery. I went with 4S and the speed is AWESOME!

With 7 flights on this model, it has performed flawless. Using the 4S battery, flight times are between 4-5 minutes depending on how long you're in the throttle wide open.

The higher price initially caused hesitation in pulling the trigger but I'm glad I did. The Strega is a winner!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 15, 2013 @ 12:46 AM | 11,874 Views
During LA Jets held on Sunday, Nov 10th, JetCat USA Owner John Redman gave Evelyn the opportunity to fly his Composite ARF Ultra Flash powered by a JetCat USA P120SX which flies more than 200 mph. Pretty Cool!

Here's John write up about their flight together posted on the JetCat USA Facebook page:
"I had the true pleasure to take a new modeling friend into the sky on the Ultra Flash this past weekend. Evelyn currently flies the ParkZone T-28 with her father and enjoys the hobby. As she sat in the chair under the shade tree at LA Jets, taking care of JetDog, I thought, hmmmm ... time to hand her a transmitter. She grabbed on and headed skyward. Five minutes of flight time on her first turbine flight thanks to the buddy box system from Spektrum and a couple of DX18's. She flew with grace and I look forward to handing the Ultra Flash over to her again at a later date. Great Flight Girl!!!!! The pleasure was all ours! Until the next time we meet Evelyn ,,, enjoy the flight."




Thanks again John for this amazing experience for Evelyn and her proud father!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 04, 2013 @ 07:15 PM | 13,171 Views
Here's the latest edition to the fantastic Durafly Warbird Series from Hobby King, the Messerschmitt BF 110. If you're looking for a great twin powered warbird that is stable, fun and reasonably price, then this is the one you'll want. Evelyn and I took the model to the Apollo Warbird Squadron Fun Fly event for the maiden flight and it is now a proud addition to our warbird fleet.

I flew the model on a 3S 2200mAh battery though the model required three clicks of down trim with the battery position all the way forward. A 2500-2600 mAh battery would be the ideal choice though the model flew fantastic on the 2200. Flight times were approximately 5 minutes and the BF 110 flew fantastic inverted, even with the 2200. Rudders are very effective and rolls were impressive. Loops were smooth and clean. Landing gear worked perfectly as you would expect from a Durafly model. Like most PnP models, I'd like a little more power but honestly, the power is well matched for scale flying. This model does not come with flaps like the other Durafly warbirds but it it doesn't need them. I'm very happy with this latest offering from Hobby King and proud to fly it with the Apollo Warbird Squadron in Van Nuys, CA

During the four flights on Saturday, I was fortunate to receive fantastict photos from our good friend Mike Gaasch of this BF110. Thanks Mike!

All the best,
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