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Posted by xplaneguy | Dec 26, 2010 @ 07:59 PM | 13,053 Views
My dream of getting my old Cox .049 Powered Sky Rally Ultralight back in the air with an improved powerplant was finally accomplished today. This model hung in my gararge for many years and just needed the right powerplant. My modification utilizes a Micro Jet V3 motor, APC 7x5 E prop and 30 amp ESC from Grayson Hobby. The battery is an 11.1v 25C 1300mAh pack. The entire mod took only 90 minutes. The maiden flight was this morning and everything went perfect! Of the two flights today, the second flight was the longest at 11 minutes with throttle management. This ultralight cruises beautifully just around 45% throttle. Landing approaches are at 15% power and smooth touchdowns in a light breeze are a piece of cake.

I first flew this aircraft back in 1986 and it was extremely underpowered. Each flight was a real struggle to keep this bird in the air while you were at the mercy of the Cox .049. If the motor was too rich, then hang on because you were on the deck, fighting to stay in the air. Now...with the Electric Micro Jet set up, this Sky Rally Ultralight from Cox is a real joy to fly.

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Posted by xplaneguy | Dec 18, 2010 @ 03:09 PM | 10,761 Views
Well...Toysonics came through as they promised. When I order these jet on-line, within minutes, I received a call from a CSR at Toysonics asking if I would like these jets shipped FedEx Next Day at no additional charge. Ah..Yeah! The next day (yesterday) I received both 50mm A-4 & T-33. That is a first for me from any RC distributor. Very cool and very much appreciated! Both the T-33 & A-4 arrived in one day and in great shape. Toysonics has been kind of under the radar for sometime and I hope that more pilots take advantage of their outstanding customer service. A+++++

Here's a few pics taken this morning. Hoping to fly them once the rain stops here in SoCal.

Posted by xplaneguy | Dec 13, 2010 @ 06:34 PM | 10,013 Views
This weekend I built the kit version of this U-2. The build went well but I did discover a few issues. The elevator control rod was a little short, so I had to cut the elevator servo mount plate slot back in order to move the servo aft about 1/4 inch. The other surprise was stripped threads on one of the aileron clevises. That could have been bad! After getting all the control surfaces centered, I added a dab of epoxy to the threads of each clevis for a little piece of mind. I used a combination of the pre-installed 3M tape and foam glue for the build. The model was sprayed with Krylon Fusion Satin Black to allow for decals to be applyed without silvering underneath. I'll wait 7 days before applying a final dullcote. Testors flat red was used on the wing fuel caps and zinc chromate was used inside the intakes. The maiden was a piece of cake and I have a total of 6 flights on it with several more flights planned at Edwards AFB this afternoon during a few demos for friends. Two more builds coming. One in NASA markings and the other as the prototype U-2R/TR-1A flown in 1968 which was bare metal on the first flight here at Edwards.

Here's some pictures. Aerial photos by my daughter Evelyn.