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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Sep 13, 2015 @ 10:05 PM | 33,797 Views
I picked this up recently on a trade deal and had to build it. A couple of my flying spots are inhabited by Red Tail Hawks and over the years they have joined me in flight while flying everything from a nitro plane to sailplanes. I have never chased them so they seem to enjoy the company just as I do. With that said, I wanted to paint this more or less to look like a RT Hawk to see if the hawks like it or disapprove attacking or flying away with it. There is not a lot on the net regarding this odd looking aircraft but I did find enough to aid me in modifying it to BL power and painting it(mostly on RCGroups).

I used a Hobbyparts 1450kv outrunner, 25A esc, Graupner 8x4 folder prop and Hitec HS65HB servos all to keep weight down and power up. I plan to use a 2200mah 3S to maiden it and even painted it came in at 20.5 oz. using that lipo. CG was spot on and no additional weight had to be added.

I mixed several batches of acrylic paint diluted very thin with water in various shades of tan, gold and browns to achieve the colors to appeal to the hawks. I added gold to the brown colors so it would shimmer in the sunlight and airbrushed gold over the top side of the wings. I painted the comb and waddle red to keep the Funky Chicken look along with the bulging eyes. I did add epoxy over top of beek, eyes and front lower part of belly because I read where guys had the folder prop and ground scrape and tear up the foam from normal use.

The maiden should go well as it is a smidge lighter using brushless power over the brushed recommended set up and having much more power, seems this plane can be a handful when underpowered....

I just had to show it off, more pics to come...