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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Sep 15, 2012 @ 10:13 AM | 8,783 Views
I recently finished this 30 year old restoration project just in time for a night fly a local club is having.

It is a SIG Kadet Senior originally built in the spring of 1982. I bought it from it's original builder and owner, the covering was brittle and it had a bullet hole in the wingtip from a disgruntled farmer. The airplane was solid though and the price was right! I removed the OS .46 from it's nose and stripped all covering and original light system that he had installed in it. I used Monokote Silver/Chrome and Black Baron Cub Yellow covering for re-skinning it. I went with a RCGF Gasoline engine for reliability and inexpensive lengthy flights with the use of the new 32oz. fuel tank I installed. A little overkill but oh well!

I bought Red/Blue/White&Green LED lights and had the intention of using about 2400 throughout the airplane, reality only allowed me to use 1500. I think if I would have added any more I would have had to put on sunglasses or x-ray goggles. The 1500 are plenty as you can see in the pics. I actually had to add clear covering to the wingtips because I could not see the airplanes wingtips in a turn. If you look in the video you will see the changes to the wing tips. The lights are powered directly by a 3S 5000maH lipo battery.

The airplane flies superb considering it weighs double the stock 3 channel kit weight of a Kadet Senior. It remains a 3 channel airplane and even though I was rushed on finishing it for a night-fly that is tonight,...Continue Reading