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Posted by scruffy1 | Jul 28, 2017 @ 03:29 AM | 12,855 Views
i'm in the midst of making a 24" (600mm) rudder / elevator, low wing. light weight depron plane

figured it belonged over in the foamies scratchbuilt, but posted here are a few teasers - further write up can be seen at the link :

depron is pretty fast and fun to build with, despite never having used it before - the foam-cure glue is interesting - still not fond of all the cobwebs it makes, but my technique is improving rapidly
Posted by scruffy1 | Jul 03, 2017 @ 02:15 AM | 14,258 Views
the mini lipo voltage sensor for frsky is small and useful, but unlike its larger sibling with onboard readout, it has no inbuilt polarity protection

that's the price you pay for having a unit weigh 2.8gm versus the bigger version at 5.2gm - for some the extra heft is negligible, but for smaller planes that's ballast you don't want - if i want to read cell voltages on the ground i have a lipo cell checker

anyhow, there was discussion in the taranis "how to" thread about the whole idea, which included this advice from aloft hobbies about it

Warning - The MLVS has no polarity protection! Great care should be used to make sure you ALWAYS plug in the battery correctly. If a battery is plugged in backwards, it can fry everything connected to the receiver, and the receiver too. We strongly advise to use the slightly larger SP-FLVS instead, it features polarity protection.

i discovered a balance connector at hobbyking that could act as a donor, but other leads up to 6 cells can be found at other suppliers with some google-fu

alternatively, crimp on a standard servo plug, double check the polarities and leave the flylead attached to make it easier to use in a plane