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Posted by scruffy1 | Dec 28, 2015 @ 09:36 PM | 9,831 Views
help is what i will need in getting up to speed with my new toy

the original taranis generously supplied by mark bolton over at BoltRC decided to get the horrors at binding to d8 receivers, and despite the best efforts by me and then his helpful tech types, it refused to co-operate

the time was ripe to upgrade to the taranis plus, and i spent my own $ on the exchange, so any positive (or less positive) things i have to say in this thread will be entirely without pecuniary interest, although i hasten to add that having been "loaned" the original model made me no less honest in my opinions... but it did get me a very cheap introduction to the potential of this radio

thanks mark !

so, if you are new to taranis (like me) or have had one for a while but never really got to fiddling with the system, you may not already be on the 2.0 (or later) firmware

lucky for you i already got that idea - you can marvel at my instructions here

companion Tx is great, but has its own peculiarities, and the next posts will address some common issues i have discovered, and tamed

please note i will be moderating this thread to try and keep it relatively concise as a resource for new users, and i shall use my web powers to summon the expertise of nigelsheffield, who obviously has a clue from my previous contact

so, there's an intro... the next few posts i shall secure for personal lists of stuff, and edit to try and keep it tight - feel free to add to the posts, or pm me if there's glaring error or dead links, and i'll try to fix things

enjoy !