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Posted by PeterVRC | Jun 26, 2018 @ 05:31 AM | 9,036 Views
I have made pretty good use of 3D printers and have stepped from the first Print-Rite 3D Printer I had, on to the Geeetech I3 which had more good features and better results, and now onto a Tevo Tornado which really stands out as a leap ahead in 3D Printing!!!

Firstly, the Tornado is (seemingly) a clone of the Creavity CR10 which was already well known as a great advance in cheap/home 3D Printers. Tevo just 'copied' but also improved some aspects. There are varying reviews on it, of which many say it is great.... and many say it is CRAP!!!
I am very technical... and have quite a bit of engineering knowledge.... rest aassured the Tevo Tornado is a GREAT 3D printer!!! All the nay-sayers are either morons, OR PAID to give them a bad name!

You may as well read about the CR10's..... to get all the basic info about what it is, and what is good/great about it.... then add on the Tevo improvements.
Note that they BOTH have some shortfalls and a lot of room for user 'upgrades', but you could also use them just as they come and get fantastic results still anyway!

But the mods/upgrades just make it even better... to use... and the 3D Printed outputs.

Being a 'clone' the Tornado tends to be about AU$50 lower in price than a CR10.... and then even has those better aspects too.
The biggest plus is a 240v heated bed. Not 12v... not 24v... but 240v, which means it has access to a lot of power and thus can heat up FAST. Heating the bed on a 3D printer is usually the slowest part, and...Continue Reading