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Posted by PeterVRC | Oct 21, 2013 @ 05:42 PM | 10,081 Views
Well, I was always going to end up with one eventually.....

A typical Durafly (FMS?) well designed and made model!
Well thought out structure and components and an excellent paint finish - even with WHITE paint on the underside, not just plain 'white' foam.

There are a few small issues that will be useful to mod so that they are more usefully usable.

1) The EDF hatch is too small for most 'decent' EDF units to be able to get them in and out easily - but at least they have plywood rails to bolt the EDF onto.

2) The battery hatch area is passable, but I can see that it would be useful to have the main hatch go rearwards another 40mm or more - to give full easy access to the battery. Especially if you use large batteries that will probably need to go more rearwards than the design expected.

3) The nose retract mount is designed for a 'plate at the top of the retract', and it is far more useful to have 'plate at the bottom of the retract' to allow the use of pushrod steering. The stock design uses pull-pull wire... the worst steering method ever invented for models! So I will have to pull out their mount and add some ply plate to reinforce a 'base' mounted retract method (As per done with the Vampire and many other models).

4) Exhaust ducting.... it will need opening out to suit a CS10/12/14 rotor, which needs low back pressure to operate efficiently. That will need some fairly detailed testing, which is messy and annoying to do.

I will all but...Continue Reading
Posted by PeterVRC | Oct 16, 2013 @ 07:14 PM | 9,376 Views
800mm aircraft - Warbirds or EDF jets - can be great fun little park flyers!
At that size, and thus wing loading, they pretty well need to be kept to just the weight they were advised to fly at! Typically around 400g, and that means there is very little leeway to do anything that adds weight. Generally just a bit larger battery and that is all.
If you do run with more weight you will need to fly FASTER - which also means landing faster.

I had 4 EDF's and 1 warbird... the P-51. So I 'needed' and Axis warbird! LOL

The Me-109 is pretty much the only option - otherwise the Zero. Both of those have great reviews and I chose the Me-109.
From Hobby Domain in Perth they had some of the FMS 800mm aircraft on special at $55 ($73 delivered) so I decided to grab the Me-109.