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Posted by burkefj | Aug 28, 2016 @ 02:27 PM | 9,831 Views
Here is another based on the Cosmic Interceptor but this time styled like a swept wing F-14 tomcat, in pseudo VF-111 Sundowner scheme but with early white control surfaces which helped set off the wing sweep/tail surface detail...

F-14 Tomcat RC Rocket Glider (5 min 46 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Aug 22, 2016 @ 06:01 PM | 10,159 Views
Thought it would be interesting to document all of the different RC Rocket gliders I've made from the Estes Cosmic Intercpetor rocket kit. It's a great platform at a closeout price, the nose cone is neat with molded in panel lines etc. All are 38-40" long, 20-26" wingspans, 11-12.5 oz rtf.

Here you go:

Three versions of Interceptors, wing with elevon controls, cranked delta elevon style, full flying tail style, F-104, F-105, A-12/SR-71, F-4 phantom wing/tail style, F-101, Delta Dart, Valkyrie, Avro Arrow, SST, Pegasus(fantasy), another Interceptor version with lighter weight, X-15-3 Delta Configuration, Arc-Light(fantasy), X-15-3 Delta mid mounted wing, F-14 tomcat....Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Aug 22, 2016 @ 03:12 PM | 9,367 Views
Here is another using the F-104 starfighter as the goal and using the Estes Cosmic Interceptor parts...flew really well, decided on a German Navy scheme....

U cut the tail of the body tube to give the right lines and to allow me to inset the rocket motor to help CG. I also moved the wing placement back an inch.

To keep the back end light and keep it simple I just did a light direct servo to the tail surface and routed the servo wire on the side, taped and painted over, instead of trying to do some internal linkage idea...

38" long, 2" diameter, 11.5 ounces ready to fly.

RC F-104 Starfighter rocket glider (5 min 13 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Aug 14, 2016 @ 01:37 PM | 9,178 Views
Here is another based on the Estes Cosmic Interceptor parts made into something resembling an F-105 thunderchief. I cut the rear of the body tube so mimick the petals of the speed brakes partly open. Full flying tail surfaces only for roll/pitch.


F-105 Thunderchief Rocket Glider flights (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Aug 09, 2016 @ 01:31 AM | 9,830 Views
Here is another rocket glider using the Interceptor nose cone and tubes, but made to look more like an F-101 voodoo. I went with a fixed stub T-tail just for looks and moved the wing back slightly so I could use oversized cutouts in the wing for elevons to keep the control setup simple and keep the weight low. I used pseudo operation sun-run markings with a little artistic license to make it look better(yellow on the tail).

38" long, 24" wingspan, 11 oz rtf....Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Aug 01, 2016 @ 09:19 PM | 9,564 Views
And Here's a version a-la delta dart......

Dynasoar Rocketry DeltaDart RC rocket glider kit (6 min 38 sec)