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Posted by warhead_71 | May 23, 2009 @ 11:41 PM | 38,357 Views
I just got back from vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. While I was there, I took a short drive across the border to Pensacola, Florida and visited the National Museum of Naval Aviation.

My main interest is naval aviation "Between the Wars" - particularly early carrier-based biplanes and/or catapult-launched seaplanes. But, I also took some pictures of WWII aircraft and I'll post everything in this thread for one large gallery.

It may take me a few days to get everything posted... so keep checking back.

PM me if you'd like to see something in higher resolution: I shot these images at 3264x2448 pixels....Continue Reading
Posted by warhead_71 | May 12, 2009 @ 12:36 PM | 35,186 Views

I bought a white "NPS" TM400 from an RCG member and finally got around to painting it and putting it together. Wanting a military-looking scheme that was still "high visibility", I chose to paint it with British WWII "invasion stripes" - borrowing the paint scheme from a Fairey Swordfish. I decided to power it with a rewound Esskay 400XT, 9 turns of 22AWG on a 3S 1250mah Rhino Li-po turning a GWS 9050HD prop. This setup really moves the plane along, but I think I need to tweak the thrust angle a little as it tends to yaw left with power. I fab'd my own firewall mount, as I don't have a stick-mount that fits the 400XT... so I just need to add a washer behind one of the X-mounts.

Anyway - she flies pretty good at 22oz AUW (18oz w/o battery). I think my maiden flight she was a tad tail-heavy - so I built a battery tray that lets me slide my battery all the way to the face of my motor. Now she balances just in front of the back cabane strut on the top wing.

I have some GWS floats that I'll put on her too... I have a duck pond behind my office building.

EDIT --- 5/5/09 --- I've got well over a dozen flights on the plane and recently had to replace the ESC. I'm using a rewound 400XT and it can really pull some amps now. I've tried a prop as big as a GWS 9070SF and the motor and battery stayed cool with 1/2 throttle cruising. But the 18A ESC was a bit over-worked and gave up the ghost when I really ran the plane through her courses:...Continue Reading
Posted by warhead_71 | Mar 16, 2009 @ 01:58 PM | 22,700 Views
I already have a build log ... I just like keeping my builds linked from my blog to make them easier to find. She's had one failed maiden flight... I crashed immediately after takeoff. A number of factors may have been at play: I was a tad tail-heavy or just needed to be nose-heavy for the maiden), and the top wing was located too far forward by about 3/4". I also had about 1 deg too much incidence on the top wing. Everything has been repaired and I'm awaiting the 'perfect' day to take her up again. I hate to build a hangar-queen, but I just don't want to take unnecessary risks with wind and muddy runways - so I'm trying to be patient.

She's light for her size: 42" top wing, ~32oz AUW with 2250mah 3S lipo. Motor is the DT750 from HobbyCity spinning a 12x6 or 11x7... I'll try them both.

The bombs work... I just need to hook up the servo. Here's the link to how I made the bomb racks.
Posted by warhead_71 | Nov 30, 2008 @ 10:52 PM | 24,022 Views
This time of year in Chicago it's usually dark before I get home from work, but I didn't want that to stop me from flying. So, I built this big 52" sorta-Beaver from 1/2" pink and 1/4" blue foam. The plans are roughly the same as the BluBaby, but I made a few modifications to the fuselage. The side-slabs and wings are FFF and the bottom, formers, firewall, and reinforcement areas are the 1/2" pink. Very sturdy birdy this way... gives me something a bit more substantial to glue the landing gear and motor to, while still keeping the AUW at a reasonable 26-30oz, depending on the battery I choose.

Motor is a TowerPro 2409-18 with 18A ESC swinging a GWS 10x4.7SF prop. Batteries are all 3S and range from 1050mah to 2250mah. The big batteries slow the climb a bit, but otherwise has no ill affect on flight characteristics. It's slow and draggy with over-sized wings and tail-feathers. I borrowed the basic dimensions from a sized-up BluBaby plan, and it flies about exactly the same... slow and easy. The giant 3.5" wheels are a bit cartoonish, but work great in thick grass.

The wing is KFM2, with 12v LED strip lights glued inside the spar. The LED strips come in an acrylic tube, which I carefully removed to reduce weight. I cut out some holes top and bottom for light to pass through, then covered with packing tape to seal the wing. I also added this 5 LED light bar to the tail of the plane to help with orientation.

This thing is gentle as a lamb. I...Continue Reading
Posted by warhead_71 | Oct 31, 2008 @ 09:09 PM | 19,579 Views
Walter is the neighborhood kid I'm teaching to fly.

I had a few fuselages that I bought from Tower Hobbies as "discontinued items" - they cost me about $3 per fuselage and come with the cowls and push-rods installed. I built a simple KFm2 aileron wing and the tail group from FFF. Power is from an HexTronik CF2822 on 3S (20c 1050mah Rhino lipos from HC), turning a GWS 9x5HD (or 9x4.7SF - though it's a bit amp-hungry).

It's been crashed and repaired and rebuilt and repainted a few times... we're on fuselage #2 but I think he just about has the hang of it. I tried to match the wingspan/chord/tail-group to match the same ratios as a BluBaby.. so basically it's the same plane at about 44" wingspan, but with the preformed fuselage instead of scratch-built from FFF.

AUW is in the 22oz range - depending on the size of battery (1050-1450mah 3S lipo). Version 2 was built a bit lighter because I was able to open the battery bay up and slide the battery forward versus adding dead-weight....Continue Reading
Posted by warhead_71 | Oct 23, 2008 @ 06:32 PM | 21,309 Views
Here's a plane I started, got distracted with other planes, then ended up hanging it in the garage rafters for a few months. Originally intended as a light AP plane for my FlyCamOne2, I'm going to use it as an intermediate aileron trainer for a local youngster instead.

It's a Wal-mart styrofoam chuck glider that has been chopped up and converted to a twin-boom pusher. As an AP plane I wanted the prop in the rear for clean forward-looking video. As a trainer, I hope the pusher configuration will save the motor and prop in the event it is attacked by ravenous trees.

The Turnigy stickers are misrepresentation (that motor is destined for an Ultimate Bipe)... instead it will be powered by an eMax CF2822 with either a 9x5 for cruising or an 8x6 for speed.

Control will be Aileron/Elevator only... no rudder. But I may add tricycle landing gear, in which case I'll make the nosewheel steerable.
Posted by warhead_71 | Jun 06, 2008 @ 02:56 PM | 18,881 Views
Just getting started on a new build -- 42" Curtiss Navy BFC-2 Bomber/Fighter or F11C Fighter.
Posted by warhead_71 | Nov 24, 2007 @ 02:29 PM | 18,952 Views
Here's a few planes from my fleet:

48" FFF Blu-Baby : sold

40" FFF Tiger Moth : unfinished - for sale cheap

30" Curtiss R3C-1 Racer : retired - still flies great - for sale cheap

45" FFF Drake II : crashed and burned.

GWS Slow Stick Flying Boat for sale

Sapac Pitts : 1 sold, one still NIB

47" Easy Cub J3 (hanging on wall) for sale - this is solid yellow covering and cowl with scale-ish cylinder heads.

Also, I have "on the shelf" the following:

ModelTech .40-size Great Lakes biplane

48" Twin boom AP plane unfinished.

Walmart chuck glider conversion - this thing flies nice and smooth. I used to to take video with my FlyCam2. No electronics. For sale.

Scorpio Nieuport 28 small 300-size foamie. started to repaint it.

Hobby Lobby Cessna 337 Skymaster - want to convert to brushless

white, unpainted Ultrafly P-51 with retracts (2x) both are NIB with NPS, for sale

Guillows PBY-5a Catalina : partially built

Green Models 40" Tiger Moth for sale. I have one built and one NIB, I'll sell one or the other but not both.

ScottA Piper Cub crashed


Here is an updated list:

Guillows Rufe (NIB) for sale
Guillows PT-17 Stearman (NIB)
Guillows Fairchild 24 : partially built
Easy-built Fairchild 24 (NIB)
Flyline Fairchild 22 (NIB)
Drake II Seaplane (used. balsa/ply, stripped, needs rebuilt/recovered. for sale cheap)
Concept Models Travel Air Biplane (converted to electric)
Sterling PT-17 Stearman (1/6 scale - electric...Continue Reading