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Posted by G.P. | Mar 16, 2011 @ 02:50 PM | 3,381 Views
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Planes that didn't survive the learning curve:

Shock Flyers- been responsible for the death of at least 5 of these!
Hobby Lobby Hot Rod - great plane
Simprop SU31 - Never flew great. Tip stalled all of the time and was sent out with the trash.
Adrian Page 40 in cub - Flew great, but my gear was too heavy for it. Waiting in the hanger until I decid to get some 2 cell lipos and lighter gear.
Slow Stik - Great plane. It was really fun to slope it off of anything. Gave it to a friend to learn on.
SU31 - Scratch built from depron. Flew great but got worn out. The depron got soft and eventaully the fuse let go at the bottom of a blender.
Trex 450 SE - Sold it due to a lack of time/places to fly it.
3DHS SHP - Nosed in less than a minute into it's maiden. Rx failure as far as I could tell.
EF Yak 74" - engine failure on final - already fixed....Continue Reading