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Posted by Thunder50BMG | Sep 15, 2014 @ 01:18 PM | 6,739 Views

Hello guys ! Here is another build that everybody will enjoy.For less than $8 that I spent on the frame,made by T6 Aluminum main frame and 1/2 inch of PVC Pipes with motor mounts from a pvc elbow and modified.It's build from the ground up.
SPECS: KK2.0 Ver.1.6 (Witespy-Blue KK2) , 4- IPOWER IBM 2217HQ 880Kv motors , Front props: 10" APC , Rear props: 10" CarbonFiber , 4- HK 20A Simon K ESC's , Walkera 2801 Pro RX and TX

Here are some pix and the MAIDEN Video.

PM me directly for any questions.......Continue Reading
Posted by Thunder50BMG | Sep 01, 2014 @ 07:58 PM | 6,464 Views

Originally made by NEBBIAN a friend of mine from RCG. It's a TRICOPTER without a servo but,with a 4th prop that will control the yaw. It's a very smart thinking and it did really catch my attention and went ahead and made my version.
After I did my version, as you know me,I did went all the way and added another motor/prop to control the yaw and the result was not really bad at all.
Problem with my build was that,my TRI frame is made of ALL ALUM and it's really getting into the heavy side BUT,fun enough to fly.

Here are some pix and videos.Just PM ME if you have any questions about this project....Continue Reading